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"Thy Will Be Done" By Dave Dodge.

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"THY WILL BE DONE"Scene 1: (Rick is sitting center stage, hands out of sight, speaking with god in anguish)Rick:Father I do not understand. I have tried to follow you but I have failed. All I asked was to be like everyone else. Why have you abandoned me?? Father I can't do this anymore.Our father who art in heaven,Hallowed be thy name,Thy will be done..(Raises his right hand in which we now see a gun, places it to his head)MR.J:NOOOOOOOOO!!(Blackout)(Loud gunshot rings through audience)(Lights come up on Julie doing homework as we hear a knock on her door)Julie:Mike what's up? (Mike stand speechless)Michael what's wrong!! Michael YOUR SCARING ME!!Mike:I should have seen this coming...I should have knownJulie:What should you have known?Mike:He ended it...He ended everything. (Julie still not understanding)Julie:Michael just tell me what is going on please...MIKE!! (Grabbing him) MICHAEL HE WHAT!!! TELL ME!!!Mike:He's gone! He took his father's gun and shot himself!! After all we've been through. I'm responsible for this. This is all my fault. (They embrace)Julie:What will we do now?Mike:Julie has been wonderful to me ever since we started seeing each other about 2 years ago. She means the world to me and I would do anything for her, as I would do for any of my closest friends.(Spotlight on Rick) WHY!! Why did you do this to us? Why couldn't you come and talk to me!! (Back to the audience) I'm not really sure where we really went wrong. We have been friends forever and I know everything about him and it kills me that I didn't see this coming. I would have to say looking back that the first sign of anything would have to be the day of our rally for the big basketball game that we had coming up.Scene 2:(Lights come up Rick joins Mike walking back from the rally)Mike:You know I think that rally was the best one that we have had yet.Rick:You know everyone is going to be at that game. Then after we crush Oakridge it's off to districts. Nothing can stop us now. (Slap each other five) Is Julie coming tomorrow night?Mike:(Stopping to tie his shoes)She better be there I went to everyone of her damn volleyball games and I hate volleyball. Hey man I almost forgot, Julie's birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks and I want you and Michelle to have dinner with us.Rick:Where?Mike:Don't know I haven't decided yet. You candles, some soft music, the works and I want both of you there. (Rick pulls a flask out of his bag) Want some? Have a sip.Mike:No man I thought we had talked about that.Rick:We did I don't all the time ...Take it easyMike:Yeah well you do it a hell of a lot more than you used to.Rick:Don't worry about me dude I can take care of myself.Mike:Do your parents know about this yet?(Rick laughs)Rick:Do you think I would still be alive if my parents knew about this. Holy God!Mike:I'll take that as a no.Rick:I thought that my dad was going to kill me when I told him that Michelle and have been sleeping together.Mike:He knows?Rick:Oh yeah knows. I had to...

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