Thy Sacrifice Is Thy Salvation Essay

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Thy Sacrifice is Thy Salvation
Novels hold telling testaments within fraying pages, binding spines, breathless words, all to the sway of theme and development. The complexity of a story can neither be salvaged nor understood but from the barest elements that comprise its thematic importance. As this is but a proclaimed truth, it is given that the themes of a narrative are the skeletal system as the parchment serves as its skin, the central core to which without the foundation of, the entire system crumbles into but a mass. A Tale of Two Cities is a work of grand depth, though its most fundamental seed is but the importance of rebirth through sacrifice. This overarching theme is rooted in each character sprung from its roots, wrapped beneath its boughs. Dickens has woven through each of them this sacrifice, this rebirth, the fall - the rise - that moves through not only the plot, passages, and sway of heavy word, but also as defining factors of these characters, the ones that lend the most emotion - to which our story seems insufficient without.
One need not look farther to see evidence of a rebirth than those of Dr. Manette, Sydney Carton and his counter Charles Darnay - who throughout the novel are shaped and reformed before the eyes of the reader through the actions from which they take their part. Yet one must also look before these rebirths, to the sacrifice, the giving that set them up with the ability to change and evolve, to inspire. Dr. Manette upon introduction is but a shell of a man, hollowed, lost within the chambers of his mind, without a release, tasked like a slave to his broken conscious, able only to carry out the same simple task, broken to the world - unknowing of the outside. The trials of his imprisonment show upon an aged face, deeper through skin to leave scars upon a mind that seems fragile enough to crumble. Sydney Carton is unremarkable, though able to be remarked upon due to the starkness of contrast between his mind and mouth, actions and how others first perceive him. Though not innately despicable, nor particularly villainous in countenance, the lack of faith, the apparent lostness of his humanity brands him as an out. Charles Darnay comes to us as a man of seemingly wondrous fortune, luck, though seeming of little true consequence despite the manner of his introduction. These are the starting frames of their character, the shallow impressions, the skeletons that shall parade through the pages of the book, chapters, gaining their nerves and skin - becoming men - reborn from...

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