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Tick Tock, It’s Time To Come Home Teens

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Curfew arrests of California youth rose four forth between 1989 and 1997 (from 5,400 to 22,400) (Males). Curfew is defined as a regulation requiring a person to be home at a certain prescribed time, as imposed by a parent on a child. A curfew should be set on teenagers, because it helps with parental responsibilities, sets boundaries for teenagers, and gives protection to both teens and parents.
Curfew positively affects teenagers because it keeps them from being introduced to things that could get them in trouble or hurt. One reason curfew is the right choice for teenagers is because it sets boundaries for the teen. “Wanaque’s ordinance prohibits teenagers under 18 from being out after ...view middle of the document...

” (Budd 1)
Curfew negatively impacts teenagers because it keeps them from growing up. The major factors surrounding the opposition’s stance are rebellion, speeding, and not being able to fit in. What they are concluding from this is how teenagers are not getting the freedom they desire. Most teenagers don’t obey the curfew, because they believe since they are old enough they can do whatever they want. If the parent wants to set a curfew for the child that is okay, “but the state should not be telling the teen ‘to go to bed.’ (Cowen) Teenagers already respect the responsibilities they have, so they believe they don’t need any more. “Around 11:30 p.m. Harris was caught at Burger King and accused for violating the curfew law and was summoned to call her parents. She faces a $100 fine and 15 hours of community service of conviction.” (Cowen)
“The premise of juvenile curfews-that serious criminal activity among youths will decline if they are barred from leaving their homes-has a simple and intuitive appeal. Yet, the most severe sanctions found anywhere for a curfew violations is a criminal misdemeanor charge-hardly a deterrent for youths willing to risk the far more onerous penalties that attach to the type of crimes curfews seek to prevent. Quite simply, if a young person is prepared to commit a burglary, robbery, battery, or murder, he or she is unlikely to be deterred by the prospect of a curfew citation. Conversely, law-abiding youths will likely modify their conduct to conform to the law, even if it requires that they forego socially productive activities.” (Budd 2)
While the opposing side argues that curfew is a negative impact on teenagers, the law effectively prohibits or limits the right to be out at certain times for the ages under 18. The law maintains social order and prevents juvenile crime or behavior.
“The lack of data establishing the efficacy of curfews that has not...

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