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Tidal Power As A Solution To The Energy Crisis

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The energy crisis of the 20th century is well known and a completely understandable problem. Such resources as coal, oil, and natural gas that served as a good material for making different kinds of energy for a long period are rapidly vanishing in today's extreme growth of civilization and technical progress. This emergency made the world think more deeply about the ways of generating power in the future. One of them is a well-known option of expanding the nuclear energy industry. However, most of the people remember the awful consequences of The Chernobyl tragedy of 1986 that happened in Ukraine. The victims will not risk their lives for another similar event. Many of them are still paying off the costs of the explosion with their own health, and with the health of their children. Affected by the radiation environment and natural resources has encouraged the world to develop a different possibility and to dismiss the idea of atomic industry development.Another option includes a few excellent opportunities: they include use of solar and wind energy, geothermal energy, and a tidal power. All of them have their own positive and negative aspects, but all of them are considered as the ones that do not pollute the air and do not influence the environment as much as nuclear energy production. Solar energy is sun heat or light that transfers into energy under certain influences. The most common process that is used to gather the sunrays and to generate stronger and longer lasting power is the use of the solar panels. These devices consist of the small units called solar cells (Angelo). They come in different shapes, sizes, and structures, but one thing that is common for most of them is their color. Almost all solar panels are black. Black color "catches" the heat better, and does not allow the surface to cool off very fast. This type of energy production is mostly used in space. It is very efficient there. It is also used in the regions that receive a lot of sunlight, and have a warm climate. The drawback of this method presents as the inability to generate energy during the night hours, or during such seasons as fall or winter (Allaby).The energy of wind is another example of "clean" energy source. It was, probably, the first source of power for people that lived hundreds years ago. Their mills that have been running by the wind made many lives a lot easier at that time. Today our generation uses their ideas by building special plants that catch the wind and run turbines to produce energy. However, this industry may be successful only for little power demands. The often changes in wind force over short periods do not let this option to expand. Beside that blowing excessive amounts of dust and small particles around the wind power plant creates a lot of danger to surrounding population as well (Ashworth).The use of geothermal energy, or in other words the energy of "volcanic steam" does not seem to be very famous. It is not mentioned or discussed very...

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