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Tienanmen Square Incident And How It Effected China's Development Modern History Historical Investigation Essay

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Assess to what extent the actions of the Chinese government throughout the Tiananmen Incident had on the development of China.
On June 4th 1989 the Chinese government declared martial law on pro-democratic students protesting for economic and political reform, an incident widely known as the Tiananmen Square Massacre, later labelled as the Tiananmen Square incident. Under the influence of the traumatic events revolving around this incident the actions of the Chinese government lead to an abundance of significant political, social and economic changes to China. Although the occurrence was devastating in nature as it completelysignificantly demoralised social values and relinquished political reform, it essentially supported a burst in economic success.the resulting trauma from the actions of the Chinese Government led to extensive changes to China?s political, social and economic situation, supporting a boom of economic success. The Tiananmen incident ultimately influenced in the development of a new socio-political and economical structure within china.
The Tiananmen Square incidentfabricated established a series of extremely damaging political issues which fundamentally changed the country as a whole. In the spring of 1989 a period of political unrest, a group of university pro-democratic protestors, insisted on political and economic reform, the cause of this public unrest was initially because of thein an attempt to counter the growing economic disparity, inflation, and political corruption in the past decade. They were met with reactionary actions such as the declaration of martial law, which heavily impacted on foreign relations causing decreased international trade, decline of tourism revenue, and weapon restrictions which forced china to reconsider economic reforms. The use of military tanks and firearms to execute thousands of university students and casual bistanders, was, at first, censorsed by the chinese government hence, international interference was difficult, but because of the excessive amount of western jouralisnt present at the time, the news of a massarcre of innocent cilivian protestors broke out eventually. The Chinese Government?s initial attempts to censor it?s use of military tanks and the suppression and executecution of thousands of university students from international headlines eventually failed as a result of the excessive volume of western journalists present at the time. These actions concequently brought china into a battle for politcal dominace where the ?United States quickly imposed a series of diplomatic and economic sanctions against China? due to the international opinion of inhumanity regarding the Chinese Government?s response. This censorship directly led to the worsening of international relations supported through the commentedBBC News report where, ?The US President George Bush said he deeply deplored the use of force?, and Margaret Thatcher also commented that she was ?shocked and appalled by...

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