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The Importance Of Proper Hand Hygiene

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The nursing field should have tighter requirements for poor hygiene practices. Many individuals in the nursing field have requirements that have been set by the facility already. Employers have rules on proper hand hygiene as well as hygiene in general, such as, no strong perfumes, having to wear clean white shoes, having a clean uniform, not too much make-up, and washing hands in between patients with soap and water for 26 seconds and/or to use alcohol base hand sanitizers. Furthermore, many certified nursing assistant’s (CNA’s), licensed practical nurses (LPN’s), and registered nurses (RN’s), are being spotted not practicing good hand hygiene techniques, and are exposing family members, residents, and co-workers to a variety of disease vectors.
One cited sourced at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), on “Hand Hygiene in the Healthcare Settings” stated that, “Health care workers' hands are the most common vehicle for the transmission of health care associated pathogens from patient to patient, and within the health care environment. If hand hygiene practices are poor, microbial colonization and/or direct transmission to patients may easily occur. Hand hygiene saves lives (Allegranzi and Pittet 58)." This is one of the many reasons why there should be tighter guide lines, and rules, set by one’s facility that would help eliminate individuals causing cross-contamination.
According to “Keeping Patients Safe from Infection” the article tells how nurses were infecting residents with hepatitis B and putting themselves at risk by not cleaning the blood glucose reader, not wearing gloves, and/or for reusing needles. This would create a cross-contamination of bacteria and/or viruses for not using proper standard precautionary practices when in contact with contagious individuals. Blood was left on the glucose reader and touched a patient with an open wound and infected other residents. Many patients then tested positive for hepatitis B who were receiving blood glucose readings on a daily basis, due by the poor hygiene practice of their nurse.
To help solve the problem of poor hygiene practice, facilities have to follow state requirements by performing annual checks of facilities that ensure the proper hand hygiene for all employees to follow. These guide lines would go by a point system that can affect the individual’s licenses and/or certification. The first offense would include receiving a warning for not washing hands, or not having a clean uniform on. That individual would be required to watch a movie over safety and hand hygiene. They should also be required to take a written examination that demonstrates knowledge of proper cross-contamination techniques, be able to perform the standard precautions properly, and demonstrate good hygiene practices. The second offense might involve the employees taking a safety class at their own expense and receiving a warning of possible dismissal actions. Then, lastly a third offense would...

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