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Tikal And How It Came To Be

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Tikal, once a great city to the Maya culture located in Guatemala. Tikal was a center for agricultural production as well; which typically yielded Maze, beans and other native plants. As in nature all places in the world are subject to seasonal drought from which any thriving city must have a well put together contingency plan, and in this case the Maya utilized reservoirs to store water in such occasions. Along with most cities comes a governmental structure which consisted primarily of kingship. This extraordinary city center played home to the Maya people for many years; why was Tikal made, who made it, where was it made, When was it made are all questions we will delve deeper ...view middle of the document...

The Maya people flourished until the eighth and ninth century in which the Mayan civilization went into decline. The reason for the decline is not completely known though there are theories of how this happened. Many scholars have studied the Maya and have posited theories as to their decline. The one theory that in my opinion sticks is that when the Spanish conquistadors came this was the driving force for the decline in the Maya. The Maya were the founders of such great temples and ball courts along with sculptures that we call Tikal. Their work ethic and ability to create such works of art is outstanding to say the least, and their ability to capture history that was etched in stone that other cultures could observe is a great accomplishment. The Maya world was surrounded by forests and one with nature itself; as archeologist reclaim parts of the city from the forest we can delve deeper into the minds of the people who inhabited this great city.
When and where was Tikal made
Tikal was built in the Guatemala region and as of today is a 222 square mile protected national park. Tikal dates back to 800 BCE and is said to end near 900 CE this is a long time for a city to flourish. Tikal is...

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