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Tilapia Essay

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I. Matching Type

Z 1. Date when America gave back its independence after the Japanese Era.

Y 2. Representative of the American Government during the declaration of Philippine Independence.

X 3. Where the Philippine Independence was declared in 1946.

W 4. Number of Presidents during the Third Republic.

V 5. Manuel A. Roxas

U 6. Ferdinand E. Marcos

T 7. Diosdado Macapagal

S 8. Carlos P. Garcia

R 9. Organization between Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines.

Q 10. Another name for Philippine Trade Act 1946.

P 11. Elpidio Quirino

O 12. An organization that aims to help farmers.

N 13. An organization that lends money to farmers.

M 14. He promised for the New Era of the Philippines.

L 15. Organization sent to Vietnam during its war.

K 16. HMB

J 17. Date that the Quirino-Foster Agreement was signed.

I 18. Death of Roxas

H 19. Group of communist that was established in 1968.

G 20. Last President of Commonwealth.

A. 1987 Constitution

B. 1935 Constitution

C. January 21, 1975

D. Ferdinand Marcos

E. Corazon C. Aquino


G. Manuel A. Roxas

H. New People's Army

I. April 17, 1948

J. November 14, 1950

K. Hukbong Magpapalaya sa Bayan

L. Civic Action Group

M. Diosdado Macapagal



P. 1948-1953

Q. Bell Trade Act

R. MaPhilIndo

S. Filipino First Policy

T. Poor Boy from Lubao

U. Last President of the Third Republic

V. First President of the Third Republic

W. Six

X. Luneta

Y. Paul Mcnutt

Z. July 4, 1946

II. Identification

Bell Trade Act 1. Another name for Philippine Trade Act 1946.

Diosdado Macapagal 2. Known as the Poor Boy from Lubao.

Manuel Roxas 3. First President of the Third Republic.

Ferdinand Marcos 4. Last President of the Third Republic.

Bangko Sentral 5. Organization that controls the flow of money.

Amnesty 6. Pardon given to citizens that returns faith to the government.

Parity Rights 7. Mandates that Americans and Filipinos have equal rights.

Ramon Magsaysay 8. President regarded as "Idolo ng Masa".

Carlos Garcia 9. Declared Filipino First Policy.

Manuel Roxas 10. Last President of Commonwealth.

Six 11. Number of Presidents we had during the Third...

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