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"Tilly" By Frank Peretti: A Review

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Wow, this 128-page book by Frank Peretti had a poor plot, uncreative writing, absolutely no character development, and a horribly disjointed theme with blatant inaccurate facts imbedded in it. Whew, that felt good to get off my chest. First of all, the characters can only be compared to paper dolls due to how flat and dull they are. Everyone in the story, including Kathy, Dan, and Tilly, had only one or two personality traits that Peretti played off of with no depth to them what so ever. This prevents the readers from truly connecting to the personal pains and struggles of each character in the book. I, for one, had no sympathy for Kathy or Dan because looking through their eyes and relating to them is nearly impossible. The story is supposed to be one of great meaning to many women, as it is usually used as a tool for "post-abortive" women to sympathize with their choices, ...view middle of the document...

Nothing is truly "revealed" until the very end. All of this can only result in a terribly written short novel.The next issue I would like to address is the overall message of the book. Kathy and Dan have been living happily for a long time until a tiny gravestone triggers off memories of Kathy's abortion nine years ago. As a result, Kathy becomes an emotional wreck. So, we the readers are supposed to fell sorry for a woman who regrets the conscience decision she made nine years ago that she only feels bad about right now? Puh-leez. We learn that Tilly was aborted very late in Kathy's pregnancy, or at least late enough for her to live a few minutes before her death, though no reason is given as to why Kathy underwent her abortion in the first place. According to the research I found, most late-term abortions are done for either health reasons of the mother or severe fetal deformity, not because the child would have been a mere inconvenience. Late-term abortions also cost an enormous amount of money and have so many complications involved that most doctors will not perform them. All of this is suddenly ignored in the book, as though Peretti didn't bother with showing the real facts. Another problem with the story's message is how the theme is so bland. I kept waiting for the book to turn into some blunt public service announcement sponsored by the Christian Coalition about the "horrible" effects of abortion. However, that moment never came (lucky me). It just ended with Kathy finding her peace with God and "remembering all the children who had no names and no parents", nothing else.This book had every element that a professional storyteller would tell you to avoid: flat characters, a nowhere plot, and factual contradictions. I found no great quality in this short story at all, though it was supposed to have made me look at the abortion controversy through the eyes of an aborted child. It was not entertaining, and it certainly didn't make me think about anything, only how much I wanted to re-write the entire novella myself with actual skill.

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