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Leaning Leadership And Building A Business.

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Learning the Tools of LeadershipStatement of Case StudyThe decision to purchase a business of my own was not an easy task. There were manythings to consider before the final decision was made. First of all, exactly what did Iwant to accomplish: to make millions of dollars, or it to have the freedom of beingmy own boss? By opening a business, I could make a huge profit, dependingon the market. I also had to consider being ready to devote an exorbitant amount of timeand energy to this business. The commitment had to be there and I wanted to run asuccessful business. Also knowing what motivates myself was another process in makingthis decision. By understanding my needs I can use this to reach out and understandindividual needs. I knew is would be motivated opening my own business. Also, I knewthere were risks and losses that may occur as well but this was the chance I had to take, toinvest my money in something I could call my own. I had great ideas for my business andwanted to input my philosophies into my business. I knew going back to school for mymasters degree and running my own business would be tough but this was just anotherchallenge I would have to overcome. Right now the job market is tough and there are nojobs out there, which I found, that suit my needs.The problem I now face is constructing a market plan that will bring in thecustomers and accept my business with open arms. My business will provide excellentquality and quantity of the products and services. I will be providing my consumers withthe convenience of renting and buying DVD movies and games in their neighborhood.My prices are cheaper than Blockbuster and provide a family-oriented businessnear their homes. I will be providing a video game arcade room as well as a variety ofPlaystation 2, Xbox, and Game cube games The store is located in a very nice area, andpeople are looking for somewhere to take their children to play video games in the area. Iprovide a safe environment for children to come in and play video games, and parentsfeel secure that their children are just around the corner.My marketing approach is to satisfy customers by determining what buyerswant and then by using that information. I want to develop this strategy to satisfy mycustomers' needs to gain their trust and their repeated business. If the customers'objections are not met, then my business may not stay open very long. I feel mymarketing niche is providing my customers with a convenient shopping experienceIf someone could save time, gas, and the inconvenience of looking for parking, the choiceis obvious. This concept is the focus of my marketing campaign. By reaching out tomy customers as individuals, I will also target the children that come in mystore. If I spark their interest, they will bring their parents in to buy them what they want.At the same time, the parents see they are getting a good deal and may find somethingthat interests them as well.Advertising is the key to my success and how I...

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