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Tim Burton: A Man Of Many Visions

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“Visions are worth fighting for. Why spend your life making someone else’s dreams?” These are the words of Tim Burton, a renowned director who plays by his own rules when creating a story for the big screen. Growing up different from most kids, Burton was influenced by many unique people and movies such as Edgar Allen Poe, Dr. Seuss, and German Expressionist films. He used their styles to create many memorable films himself, such as Edward Scissorhands and Alice in Wonderland. In these recognizable blockbusters, like most of Burton’s movies, the use of satire and visual features are present to support the thematic concept of conformity vs. individuality.
In Edward Scissorhands, satire can clearly be related to conformity vs. individuality. The neighborhood is filled with identical homes, each housing a stereotypical person. Forms of these seen throughout the movie are the flirting housewife, a woman obsessed with religion and the average pushy salesperson. They are also seen as snooping once Peg brings home Edward, asking each other about the mysterious man. Lying in order to make Edward look like a bad guy, these women are shown to be foul. They are conformed throughout the film, trying to be one in the same. These characters mock society due to their flaws, which are seen as common misconceptions in the real world.
Visual features show conformity vs. individuality in Edward Scissorhands as well. The neighborhood is filled with colorful and identical surroundings, every house being alike. Alienated from the rest, Edward’s house is a dark and mysterious mansion, similar to something out of Edgar Allen Poe’s writing, with an incongruent garden full of unique bush designs. He is distinctly seen as different by the neighbors, for his appearance is like no other. His hands, outfit, and talent show his individuality in a conformed community. He uses his gift of trimming to make everyone else in the area original. Greeneries made into sculptures along with haircuts of all shapes and sizes become present throughout the vicinity, making the once similar neighborhood into a diverse region. The citizens themselves enjoy and prefer the new look, demonstrating...

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