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Unusual. This is one of a million words, describing Tim Burton’s style of directing. His movies are out of the way, and off the beaten path. Most of which follow the journey of a character, that’s out of there element. Such as, “Edward Scissorhands”, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “Alice in Wonderland”, and many others. The tones of the movies are dark and weary, as a replay of his upbringing. In his movies, he highlights the characters by using cinematic techniques to make the character seem out of the ordinary, compared to everyone else. With his use of cinematic techniques, he depicts an unusual cinematic feature, that takes isolation to love and happiness.
To start out, sound plays a large part of film making, especially in Tim Burton’s film, The Nightmare Before Christmas. The infamous theme song is loud and booming which causes a sense of suspense since it usually takes place in dark and weary streets of Halloween Town. In Edward Scissorhands when Edward sees Kim’s picture for the first time, the non-diegetic music is slow and soft to imply that he likes her. In Sleepy Hollow, the music is shrill and eerie as Ichabod Crane is riding his horse in the woods to try to lure the Headless Horseman out. An unearthly horse-like shrill is heard sending chills up your spine. The music drastically turns deafening and without noticing, you are leaning so close to the TV your about to fall out of my seat. Sound plays an indispensable role in many of Tim Burton’s films.
Burton uses lighting to express fantasy and reality in his movies. In the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory high key lighting represents fantasy. The lighting is used in Willy Wonka’s factory showing that it is every kid’s dream to visit it. Although it is his fantasy, Charlie knows that a fantasy is all it ever will be. To represent this low key lighting is used in Charlie’s home to show the reality of his life is there living in poverty. This pattern...

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