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Determining Amino Acids by Chromatographic Techniques By Big Jim The first step in determining the amino acid sequence of our peptide was to find the length of the peptide by a process called titration. Basically this process in tales pouring a certain amount of both phenolphthalein and formalin into a flask, then NaOH is added by an eyedropper until the solution turns a pale pink. You do this same procedure to three different flasks; however, a different chemical is added to each one. In one of them the formalin solution is added, to another add a certain amount of the unhydrolyzed peptide, and then in the last one add a certain amount of the hydrolyzed peptide solution. To all of these flasks more NaOH is add until the solutions turn pale pink and then the volume is recorded. These volumes are used to calculate the ratio of carboxylic groups from the hydrolyzed and unhydrolyzed peptide solutions. This ratio tells the length of the peptide chain, and if the experiment is conducted correctly the length should be three, meaning that this is a tripeptide.After we determined how long the peptide was we needed to find what amino acids that made up the peptide. To do this we used cellulose strips. We measured 1.5 cm from one end of the cellulose strip. This was where we would apply the amino acid that we wanted to test. We would apply a small drop using a capillary tube, dry it, then add another drop; this was repeated three times. After this was completed we placed the...

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Data Strategy Paper for TIM Hellas Telecommunications

1157 words - 5 pages Brief Company Profile Overview.TIM Hellas Telecommunications S.A., formerly known as STET Hellas Telecommunications S.A., was founded in 1992 and has been providing mobile telecommunications services in the Greek market since June 1993. Following its re-branding in early 2004, the company operates under the "TIM" brand name and offers network access and related value-added services in the GSM 900 MHz, DCS 1800 MHz and UMTS MHz bands. One of four

Forever in the Mind of a Soldier

972 words - 4 pages The boom is what starts them in, and for some, is what takes them right out. The men that fight in the Vietnam war are some of the bravest people that will ever live and they are beautifully betrayed in Tim O’Brien’s Book The Things They Carried. Tim O’Brien’s story is metafiction about his time that he spent in the war and about what it was truly like to spend time as a foot soldier in such a gruesome war. Whether they enlist or are drafted

messages in a novel

1789 words - 8 pages A work's infallibility cannot be defined by imagination's input, facts become false when they are exaggerated. The Things They Carried, is a collection of short stories that revolve around The Vietnam War. Tim O'Brien takes the reader back in time to the late 1960s, and contemplates on experiences that emotionally scarred Vietnam soldiers. O'Brien shares multiple war stories that are claimed to be authentic during the war, and migrates to the

Shakespeare’s play Othello and Tim Blake Nelson’s film O both portray universal themes and values that are relevant to their contexts. Discuss how

1027 words - 5 pages Throughout the course of time, societies views have been persuaded by contextual influences, yet the core human values have remained unaffected. Through the texts by composers William Shakespeare and Tim Blake nelson and their texts Othello and the late 20th century contemporary film O, the key values of trust, honesty and loyalty are explored with contextual influences being reflected. The values are explored with the use of thematic

Reduse Reuse Recycle

5430 words - 22 pages awareness not just for major companies, but also individuals, about reducing, reusing, and recycling. This way we can help make the environment a better place for us, and future generations.The primary research focused on an interview with the general manager of Tim Horton's. The interview indicated that recycling, reusing, and reusing continue to exist in most fast food industries, but has decreased drastically. The secondary research supports

Pros and Cons of Freedom of Speech on the Internet

781 words - 3 pages guarantee of the development of democracy. While the liberty of speech on Internet strengthens the democratization, it also provides political dissidents with channels and arranges to undermine. McLaughlin (2007) reveals that in Middle East, the Internet offers non-state dissident actors a potentially potent tool to accomplish their political objectives. Consequently, without the nation-imposed constraints on Internet access, the political

Open Source Security and The Kerchoff´s Principle

1009 words - 5 pages detect the various attack signatures in the real world. But their happiness was short-liví when Tom Ptacek and Tim Newsham published a paper that broke IDS. Open Source and Security The researchers also write tools, often free software like BackTrack, Helix. The world owes so much to the open source innovation like grassroots. There were several others used for vulnerability assessment like ISS(which was eventually acquired by IBM) and SATAN

Televisions Affect on the Viewers

2307 words - 10 pages characters that affect viewers but not as extreme as the other examples. One of my favorite characters in Friday Night Lights, is the bad boy whom every girl seems to want, Tim Riggins. He is a football star who comes off as though he really doesn’t care about anything in his life. He has a troubled past and lives in a small cracker box house with his older brother. His parents are out of the picture and Tim seems to cope with his troubles through

The Causes of the Net Neutrality Act

1233 words - 5 pages There is no clear definition of the term “Net Neutrality”. “The term was coined by law professor Tim Wu, [however] the idea can be traced back to the open access movement...lead by Lawrence Lessing. (Krämer, Jan, Lukas Wiewiorra, and Christof Weinhardt.) Some of the main reasons the “Net Neutrality” act was created are, the creation of bills designed to control piracy infringing on peoples writes and privacy, the lack of control over how laws

Annotated Bibliography on Effective Leadership

1010 words - 5 pages party loses, how to handle meetings, and provides an alternative to unproductive performance reviews. These skills help make work easier, more productive and more rewarding. Irwin, Tim. Ph.d. 2014. Impact: Great Leadership Changes Everything. Dallas, TX: BenBella Books, Inc. For more than 25 years, organizational psychologist and management consultant Dr. Tim Irwin has worked worldwide, observing the rise and fall of numerous leaders. His new

Imagined Communities

1461 words - 6 pages created and resisted for centuries. This paper will explore how Canada has been branded and how that branding has consumed the ideals of the country, in addition to the national image of the North and of Canadian immigration policies to understand the building of Canadianness. “You’re Home”, the slogan found in the entrances of Tim Hortons restaurants, serves as a consumer branded business being increasingly marketed as a “cultural site for the

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The Man I Killed By Tim O´Brien

776 words - 4 pages background. As a consequence, Tim pictures all the great opportunities that the deceased soldier might have encountered after war if Tim would not have killed him. The use of setting was a clever tool O’Brien used to promote the innocence of Tim. After the killing, Tim’s emotions started to get the best of him. The regret and remorse that he had for the situation was obvious and noticeable. After reading a detailed description of the Viet Cong

Telling A True War Story Essay

801 words - 4 pages According to Tim, people tend to easily consent the ‘facts’ given of what took place during war (O’Brien, 173). Many people do not consider fallacy existence vis-à-vis the actual story of happenings in the war. Few people acknowledge that ‘facts’ of a particular incident normally change through wards of people. “Saving the Private Ryan” film by Spielberg Steven features facts of war story (King, 182). It is difficult to describe war in full

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1643 words - 7 pages person, he has provided enough detail to make the story come alive, and make the reader feel as if they understand each struggle the men face (Kaplan 233). Imagery is not just a single layered literary device, rather it is a tool that uses all forms of senses, and Tim O’Brien uses this to his advantage by describing every aspect of the Vietnam War. Imagery plays an enormous part in establishing the sense of realism, but the emotional battle that

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634 words - 3 pages Santa Clause 2When I think of Tim Allen, I think of Tim "The Tool Man Taylor" in the very humorous sitcom, Home Improvement. The role of Santa Claus was a real stretch for me because of his comedy forte. I was pleasantly surprised by his wit in The Santa Clause. He made the story of becoming the rosy cheeked, white bearded, magical man quite enjoyable. This is why I decided to make the trip to the movie theater for his new movie, Santa Clause 2