Time Management Essay

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International Journal of Management (IJM), ISSN 0976 - 6502(Print), ISSN 0976 - 6510(Online), Volume 4, Issue 3, May- June (2013)
Gehan Mohamed Ahmed Mostafa
Vise Dean of Post-graduate & Research, Nursing Administration Department, Faculty of Nursing, Helwan University, University Campus, Helwan, Egypt
Nowadays nurses' public and self-images is important issue. A good image motivates nurses to role model. Therefore aim of study was to find out implications of stereotypical self and public nursing image on performance of nurses and nursing students. The study was conducted in the Faculty of Nursing in Helwan University and 5 affiliated hospitals using a triangulated design. It included 120 nursing staff and an equal number of nursing students. Data were collected using a self-administered tool with a Nursing Image Scale and a Staff Nurse Role scale, and 39 students participated in 5 focus groups. The perceptions of self- public image were generally high, with self being higher than public. More nurses viewed that they do not demonstrate expertise (p=0.002) or competency (p<0.001) in all tasks, while more students thought they could manage more responsibilities (p=0.004). More nurses had the feeling of not having much to offer (p=0.001), and not contributing sufficiently (p=0.002) to nursing profession. Nurses and students' scores of self and public image and their self- evaluation of task performance and self-esteem demonstrated statistically significant positive correlations. The qualitative data analysis identified 3 main themes: self-image along with career choice, public image with negative role of the media, and remedial approaches both from inside and outside the profession. Despite the seemingly improving public image of nurses, nursing stereotyping that stresses powerlessness is still prevalent, and may have a negative impact on task performance and self-esteem. The study recommends self-correction from inside the profession, which would lead to change in the public image.
Keywords: nursing image scale, qualitative data analysis, staff nurse role scale, stereotypical self - public image, task performance.
ISSN 0976-6502 (Print) ISSN 0976-6510 (Online) Volume 4, Issue 3, (May - June 2013), pp. 151-162 © IAEME: www.iaeme.com/ijm.asp Journal Impact Factor (2013): 6.9071 (Calculated by GISI) www.jifactor.com

International Journal of Management (IJM), ISSN 0976 - 6502(Print), ISSN 0976 - 6510(Online), Volume 4, Issue 3, May- June (2013)
An image is a picture representative of something real. It refers to the tangible or visible representations and/or perceptions resulting from a person's conduct as a professional, linked to competence and ethical behavior [1]. In nursing, image refers to a person's professional qualities and...

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