Time And Change In Poetry Essay

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Time and Change in Poetry

Comparing and discussing two poems written by two different people in
two different times on the subject of time and change.

Time and Change

I will be comparing and discussing two poems written by two different
people in two different times on the subject of time and change. The
subject time and change is part of our everyday lives and it affects
our behaviour and attitudes.

The first poem I will be studying is “To the Virgins, to Make Much of
Time” which I will refer to as poem 1 and is by Robert Herrick in the
16th Century. The title of the poem makes the reader think that it has
a sexually orientated meaning to it. The second poem is “I Remember, I
Remember”, which I will be referring to as poem 2 and is by Thomas
Hood in the 18th Century. The title of this poem suggests to the
reader that it is a personal poem based on the poets own life
experiences. Both poems talk about time and change in different ways.
Poem 1 is written to instruct young people what to do with their time
and poem 2 is written in first person narrative and talks about how
different life is.

Both poems encourage you to read them and put the same message across
to enjoy what you have while it lasts. I think the time and change
topic is very important and by studying and analysing each poem
carefully, you can see a new perspective on life.

A theme is something that you can find throughout a poem, play, book
etc. It lets the reader/audience know what it is about and lets you
understand the meaning of the piece more clearly. The themes of the
two poems look at the concept of the changes between being youthful to
growing old and discuss how time passes quickly in your life. They
both convey nature as other elements of themes. Both poems express the
poets views on life and it youth should be spent/enjoyed and their
opinions on time and change.

As well as similarities, both poems have strong comparisons. Poem 1’s
main theme is giving instruction or advice to the reader regarding age
and is directed at “the virgins”. Poem 2 is a reflective poem of the
poets own personal experiences, his memories and his view on his life
then and now. It is easy for the reader to see that he has happy
childhood memories. He also mentions his family “…where my brother
set…”. When the poet talks about the present he seems depreesed/glum
sad and bitter about how much his life has changed, for the worse
rather than the better it would seem. It focuses mainly on the
negative sides of growing older and talks of how different life is
when you grow up. The poet is often slating his own childhood beliefs,
as he talks of the fir trees tips “close against the sky” as a
“childish ignorance”. This suggests that he has moved on from things
that pleased him as a child. He talks about what he believed in and
the joy of a child’s imagination and possibilities for their life. The
poet also reflects on his own state of mind on...

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