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Time And Distant Over Come Essay

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Written Assignment 5 - Non-Fiction Analysis (America)The non-fiction Essay "Time and Distant Overcome" was written by the American author Eula Biss in 2008. The Essay deals with themes such as, racism, cruelty and fear of change. The entire text is built up around the phone's invention and the telephone poles, but it is written in a way that gives us the readers something to think about. Usually in an essay, what we would expect is that the author's opinion is somehow clear, but in this essay, it is well hided which makes this essay somehow special.The essay is divided in three parts. Each part focuses on something different and has a change in the mood. The change in the mood and focus is very clear between the first part and the second part. In the first part, the focus is on the invention on the telephone and the conflict between the people who believed and liked the idea of communicating through a telephone and those who did not believe in the possibility of a telephone. The reader might think that essay is only a review of the great invention of telephone and the struggles with it but, the truth is that, there is a lot of hiding symbols and a deeper meaning in the essay. The real focus and the themes of the essay is actually racism, cruelty and fear of change.In the first part we were introduced to the invention of the telephone and how it could connect people and USA who ones again showed their technologically superior. However, the second part of the essay has a very different mood and focus and the different composition is first notable in the second part as it begins with "In 1898, (…) a black man was hanged from a telephone Pole." (Line 65) and the whole second part almost goes that way, it is like the author has used the incidents as headlines as this continues through the second part. It is reasonably to say that, the second part is a critique of USA as the telephone poles invention was meant to connect people, but was instead used to racism and the lynching of the black people. In fact, the author mentioned in the essay that lynching was an American invention.The third part of the essay is the shortest one, but also the one where the reader feels a contact to the author. Furthermore, the third part is the one where the author's opinion is expressed. The author mentions her innocents' thoughts of the telephone poles when she was a child, and her grandfather's cause of dead due to a fall from one of the telephone poles.In the very last part of...

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