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Honors Biology- Chp. 10/11 Study Guide-Centriole; Structures made up of microtubules that aid in separation of sister chromatids.-Centromere; What holds sister chromatids together.-Cell Cycle; Phases-1. G1; Growth and preparation for DNA synthesis.2. S; DNA replication.3. G2; Growth: Preparation for Mitosis.4. Mitosis (M Phase); When the cell divides: 4 Phases include prophase, anaphase, metophase, and telophase. ASEXUAL!!!!5. Cytokenisis (G zero Phase); The cell will not divide again.-PMAT;1. Prophase; First and longest phase of mitosis- Chromosomes are visible- Each half of a doubled chromosome is called a sister chromatid- They are exact copies of eachother- Nucleus and nucleolus dissolve.- They become no longer visible within the cell.- By late prophase, centrioles migrate toward opposite ends of the cell.2. Metophase; The centromeres on the sister chromatids become attached to the spindle fibers.- The chromatids are then lined up on the midline of the spindle, or in the middle of the cell.- Each centromere has one spindle fiber or microtubule on either side (one for each chromatid).- These fibers come from the centrioles.3. Anaphase; When the sister chromatids begin to separate, anaphase has begun.- The centromeres split and the sisters chromatids are pulled apart.- The chromatids are pulled by the spindle fibers toward the centrioles at the poles of the cell.4. Telophase; Chromatids are now far away from each other.- Phase is characterized by cleavage furrow (not in book), or cell beginning to split its cytoplasm into two distinct daughter cells.- Chromosomes begin to unwind.- Spindle breaks down.- Nucleolus reappears.- Nuclear envelope forms again around chromosomes.-Chromatin; The readily stainable substance of a cell nucleus, consisting of DNA, RNA, and various proteins, that forms chromosomes during cell division.-Chromosomes; Condensed clumps of chromatin that appear right before cell division, they disappear soon after.- Tightly packed.-Daughter Chromosomes; Once the paired sister chromatids separate longitudinally from one another in anaphase of mitosis, each is known as a daughter chromosome.-Sister Chromatids; Refers to either of the two identical copies (chromatids) formed by the replication of a single chromosome, with both copies joined together by a common centromere. In other words, a sister chromatid may also be said as 'one-half' of the duplicated chromosome.-Homologous Chromosomes; A set of one maternal chromosome and one paternal chromosome that pair up with each other inside a cell during...

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