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The evolution of humans change all the time, it is an improvement as to what the society thought was the best way to live. Including one of the most extraordinary improvements is the fact that women have become involved in every change brought this past decade. Unfortunately, “women, on the other hand, were defined not as an individuals but as members of men’s households and thus, along with their offspring, under male control.” (Eisler 2) It seems that there is always a time that change is for the best. In the novel Away written by Jane Urquhart there is a link that brings out the difference of women throughout generations. It was written in 1993 through the inspiration and fascination of Jane Urquhart’s family history in Ireland. This literate art was very well written to capture the intention of readers to see the impact that this novel shows of ones past and the struggles. The novel acts as advancement to women’s basic rights from the author’s point of view by addressing the cultural elements, the education and the evolutional time periods. The author globally presents the cultural elements by showing the difference between Ireland and Canada for women. Urquhart, also, shows that the education of reading and writing is different between men and women. Finally, she demonstrates that certain changes are better in women from two different time periods.

To begin, a culture can be defined by the roles, the values and even the beliefs that in general the society go by. At the beginning of the novel, the setting is located in Ireland. In this region, the roles of the women were more reserved with little liberation available. The men believed that women were weak, that they had to follow their demands and decisions without questions. Oddly,
when women looks in the glass of Ireland she sees inextricably reflected there her own image and that of her poor, sorry country. She symbolizes ‘Ireland’ and Ireland stands for ‘Woman’ – that is ‘how men like to imagine her’ and she has no space, no voice, no right to imagine herself differently or even to imagine at all. As symbol, ‘woman’ is allowed no history, no story, no capacity for change – she is a given. (“The Irish female”)
In this excerpt, it is clear and precise that women were considered a burden in Ireland but what would have happened to live without them? For example, at one point in the novel, Mary, the main character, is seen as being “away” – a place only the spirit travel or visits – which makes her look fragile enough for men to take decisions for her. Moreover, the woman had little chance to rise and be part of the community when they were always working in the farm or always kept under the eye of their eye. To look at this another way, women were not slaves but they were limited to what they could achieve. Now a day, Ireland is seen to be marking equality between men and women as important in a higher level then before. Therefore, during the period of the mid-1800 the famine was upon...

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