Time Changes: Accept Or Resist Relationsip Between The Generations.

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I remember that period, when I was about thirteen years old. My mother and I could never meet halfway. I tried to be good, but she never seemed to be satisfied. She thought I should wear more conservative clothes, spend more time in the library and be more serious about life. She never understood the music that I listened, and was always surprised by my new haircuts. And she always said: "When I was your age..."Today I understand that I was not an exception. While I was a teenager of 80's, my mother remembered her 60's. Different time-different views. Teenagers of my mother years had a lot less problems then teenagers of my time. At this time everything was different: political system, economic conditions, technology and life style in general.Education was very different. The main reason of this was level of technology. When my mother was teenager there were no such things as computer, calculator and other technical equipments. Yet it was not barrier for most teenagers of 60's. Education was the only way achieve success in the life. Most teenager of my time did not like going to school. They often felt unhappy taking subjects and they characterized school like: "boring", "putting to slip". They did not appreciate everything they had. Relationship between teenagers was also different. In my parents teenager years there was no such things like boyfriend and girlfriend. Everyone was just friends.While my father and his friends could meet only at each other house under...

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