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Time For A Change In Schools: How To Help Gifted Students

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Did you know that not all of the schools in the U.S. have Gifted and Talented Programs? Some of the kids that learn things faster than those around them don’t get any special class to help them keep evolving and learning more. They just sit in their normal core classes and learn things over again that they already knew about. Do you know how many of those students that aren’t continually challenged become high school dropouts? 18 %. We need these Gifted and Talented Programs to help prevent that from happening and to keep kids in school and keep achieving their full potential.

Those kids that learn faster than others need guidance. Schools with Gifted and Talented Programs have reported ...view middle of the document...

That way you can have them work out their problems on their own and so you can see what they have learned but that isn’t always the best. Letting students work together, and letting students work with people from different grades shows a major difference is someones learning. Although if you do add grouping to your classrooms you have to make sure the groups will work well with everybody in them. If you put gifted students with others that aren’t as advanced as them , the gifted students won’t gain really anything, but it’s shown that the others in the group gain a lot. One person quoted on this topic, “Ability grouping without curricular acceleration or enrichment produces little or no differences in students achievement” (“Gifted Education Works).

If you talk to some people about this topic they may say these types of programs aren’t needed because there are teachers in the classroom to help each students. What these parents or other adults don’t realize though, is that not all the teachers hired are specialized in the Gifted and Talented area. With this being said, that means they might not know how to help or challenge students that it in these programs...

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