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Time For Change And Revolution Essay

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My dear people of Paris, as a writer that had influenced the birth of the United States and as one of your fellow citizens, I am deeply concerned about your situation and understand what is happening to you. I have thought about it quite profoundly and have found only one possible, working solution. The inequalities of the Old Regime and the country’s growing economical problems have led me to believe and confirm that the only necessary change to Paris and all of France is a revolution that will consent to a lasting constitution.
This three-estate system must be abolished for it is far from equal. The First and Second Estates are truly the servants and slaves of the devil himself because they create only a meager two percent of this country, yet they own three-tenths of all the land owned by France. Meanwhile, we, the Third Estate, compose of ninety eight percent of the total French population, that is approximately twenty-seven million people, but we only own seventy percent of all the land. If this is not erroneous and absurdity, my friends, then I do not know the meaning of cruelty, injustice, and demonic malevolence. Yes, I know that I am a newspaper owner and part of the middle class of this Third Estate, something we call bourgeoisie, but do you really think I enjoy seeing my fellow rural peasants and urban workers starving, helpless, and alone? Not even an animal would want that, only someone with no heart. Let me assure you that I have a heart, one that is compassionate to my unfortunate compatriots. For instance, your wages are too little much less affordable for heavy taxes, feudal dues, and daily survival while the first two classes live extravagantly with high rankings and professions. It brings fury and mournful tears every time I realize that there are people in our country that are barely making ends meet while there are people who soak up life with money and desires like filthy, disgusting swine. Much more, it brings powerful emotions of despair and helplessness that nothing can be done to stop it; the only thing that one could do was accept life as it is, but it ends today. We must toss this system of inequity like driftwood into the burning, consuming flames of hell.
You may think that a revolution is too costly and bloody when we already have adapted lives. You see, the problems are not only with the social hierarchy but more precisely our government’s economical crises that are leading to sure bankruptcy. The Seven Years’ War, American Revolution, and the royal court have sucked up money that the government did not have. This deficit spending was either not understood by our king Louis XIV or completely ignored as if the term did not even exist. With all due respect, our king is quite unsophisticated for borrowing more money to pay for expenses and...

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