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Paying Them is The Answer
In college sports athletes perform on the big stage in front of thousands of people every week and receive no money for their performances. These athletes receive no money for their performance because it is made illegal by the NCAA for any student athlete to receive any type of reward for their performance. In the last five years there has been a heated debate on whether the NCCA should start paying college athletes. People responded to this situation with mixed views and opinions. The first reason that people have shown views against pay for play is because scholarships pay for college athlete’s school either fully or partially. Secondly people believe pay for play would create jealousy and hypocrisy on college campuses between administration, college students, and other civic workers. The first reason that people have been convinced about pay for play is overpaid college coaches who make millions for the little work they do. Next the NCCA, Colleges, and merchandisers profit millions off the athletes every week without any of that revenue given back to the athletes. Next people believe scholarships are ineffective or incomplete. Lastly people believe the corrupt system of the NCAA is a reason college athletes should be paid. The NCCA has proposed plans to enact a pay for play plan including adding a two thousand dollar stipend for student athletes but this has been on hold for now. In society for student athletes to succeed in college and college careers the NCCA must pay them.
Many writers and journalist have responded to the pay for play issue sharing many different and mixed views about pay for play. Joe Nocera explains the problem with the NCCA (par.6). He explains that the NCCA is full of hypocrisy. Knight Kiplinger explains the financial mess with pay for play He explains that players should receive some of the revenue (par. 2). Jonathan Mahler explains the effects of pay for play He explains that pay for play will make schools drop some sports par. 12. Sally Jenkins explains that the rules for student athletes are the worst of any set of rules (par. 6). Kenneth j. Cooper states that being a college athlete is a job He explains that being a student athlete is a job which the athletes get paid nothing (par. 1). William Ford explains the many financial reasons for pay for play He explains that college athletes get paid millions and student athletes get nothing for their efforts(par. 11). PRNewswire explains the aspects from colleges They Explain that college programs are billon dollar money makers off student athletes (par. 3). Mark Emmert explains the problems with pay for play He explains that pay for play will influence bribing high school athletes to go to that school (par. 3). Ben Cohen explains the paying student athlete’s scenario He explains the problem with paying college athletes more than their scholarship (par. 7). Bruce Jenkins explained his opposition to pay for play He explains that you go to...

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