Time Goes By Quickly, Too Fast Sometimes And With It

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Time goes by quickly, too fast sometimes and with it comes changes. I am very much the type of person that struggles through having to do things differently. It is not because I like to do the same old things, but because changes interfere with my plans. Two changes I have gone through were my life in high school and my life in college. Since I started college everything seems unclear to me. I still cannot get used to the idea that I have grown. I have problems readapting from one place to the other, especially if the place is completely new to me. These two places are pretty much alike; but they are also different.For instance, they are both founded with the same purpose of educating young adults. They are both educational places. High school prepares you to move on to college. College prepares you to get a career. High school teaches us the skills to become good readers, good listeners and good note takers. College does the same but it also teaches us how to apply it to our lives. When I attended high school I did all the things I now do in college, but on a different level. Now as before I have to get up, get ready and listen to my teachers. I have to be attentive, cooperative and dedicated. I might have to do many of the same things but college is much more harder.When I attended high school I learned a lot of things. Computers, math, English, science, history, it was a full schedule. School opened at 8:00 a.m. and closed at 2:00 p.m. After school I always found time to go out with friends and then do my homework. I liked going to high school. When I missed one day of school I was confused for that entire day. In high school the work was easy. We had simple quizzes, undemanding homework...

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