"Time I Almost Died" Essay

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This essay is about an accident that happened to me last year, and how did it changed my entire life.It happened last year, but the memories are still fresh. The slippery road, the small shards of glass, and the coppery smell of the fresh, red blood are still deeply ingrained in my mind. I remember everything just like it happened yesterday. I never pass that stretch of road without seeing it all again.I was driving in my new Volkswagen to my friend's birthday party on a rainy evening. The white headlights reflected from the mirror-like water and made everything very poetic. I peered through the mist, trying to find the right path for the car. The new car was different from my old one. Because this car's engine is much more powerful than the one I used to drive, I found it a challenge to handle the speed. With the slippery road, the driving conditions are poor to drive my new car. Suddenly, a bad feeling was growing from the pit of my stomach. I tried to concentrate on the car, but the misty weather, as well as the sameness of the road, made me feel very sleepy. I was nodding off in the car and thinking of my friend when she opens her birthday gift, a scarf I handmade for her: her favorite color in her favorite style; the best gift I had made in my life. How should I react if she is too surprised and cries? I just could not wait until her party to give it to her. Suddenly, I felt the car shaking, and that woke me up! The wheel was pulling to the left strongly, and seemed like it was driving itself towards the shoulder. The gravel began to fly in all directions. My first reaction was to step on the brakes, but the car was obeying like a naughty child. I lost control of it. The harder I stepped on the brakes, the more the car shook on the gravel. I felt frozen in a horror picture where I could do absolutely nothing. The seat belt strangled me like the coils of a snake as if to stop the flow of blood. I was not sure if it was the tight seat belt or my reaction to the shaking of the car that made it difficult to breathe. All of a sudden, the car ricocheted off the guardrail. The metal squealed painfully, like a monster dieing. Those howls nearly froze my heart. "Bong!" I hit the opposite guardrail. The airbag ripped up my arm brutalizing the flesh, and smashed right into my face. It knocked what little breath there was out, and I saw stars. Finally, the car stopped, as did my pulse.Somehow, I was looking at the accident from outside the car. The rain ran in a rivulet off the fender. I saw that I was sitting with my leg at an odd angle. Ooh! That looks uncomfortable. Wait! What had I meant by outside the car? Does that mean I was outside my body? I looked at the silent me, a soulless body with a trickle rain washing the spirit away. Was I dead? No! It could not be! I did not enjoy the last minute of my life, and I still have countless things I had not tried, like I have not been to Paris, I have not surfed at Baja, I have not rounded "The Horn" on...

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