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Time Is Nothing Yet Time Is Everything

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How do you define something as vast and infinite as time? Is time expressed as the days, weeks, or years we have left? Or is it reflected upon the triumphs and shortcomings of our former selves? This is a test you can’t fail for there is no set answer. It could be literally anything because everything you say will have took time; even just thinking of an answer. Existence is time and time is existence. A countdown had started even before life itself; a countdown that has no zero. Or does it? In the broadest spectrum, we as humans are nothing but clocks; constantly measuring time till even after death. Every decision we make, has a direct influence on time. Time is nothing yet time is everything.
Time is so old that no one knows when it was born. Yet so young that no one really knows when it will conclude. Did time begin with Creation as depicted in the Christian Bible? Or did it begin for you the instant at which you were born? Regardless of your ...view middle of the document...

You may think that you are beginning to get a grasp of time, but since it is always expanding, you are simply jogging on a treadmill.
Time is currency (you can sell it, buy it, trade it, lend it, save it, or waste it). What you do with it is up to you, but don’t expect to get any refunds. You may time travel by using historic documentation or reminiscing, but nothing more. No matter how rich or powerful you are, you can’t do anything to reverse time and fix your mistakes, only hide them. But even then they are still there, waiting to be revealed. This is why although time is your best- friend, it is also your worst enemy.
Time is a myth yet also a fact. You may have heard of Kronos, the Titan god of time in Greek mythology. What is interesting is that his parents were the creators of the sky and earth suggesting that both came before time. Even more fascinating and ironic is that Kronos’ son Zeus, sent Father Time to hell. He literally “killed” time. Whether you believe in the almighty Zeus or God the Creator, you share a common ideal. As much as the two are unalike, do they not share the belief that all things exist in time?
Time is a thief yet also a saint. One second that last piece of chocolate is there, the next second it’s gone. Sometimes you are unsure but time does not wait. It will pass you like a New York City subway train; with or without you. If you don’t get on, someone will eagerly take your place. Time is like taxes, it takes from you to give to another. The legitimacy of the cause can be argued, but nonetheless, everything it takes is redistributed.
Time is a teacher yet also a student. You need not ask to receive assistance and guidance. It offers up its knowledge of the past so that we may influence our future. But time is an incomplete equation, for additions are constantly being made. Even as the teacher, time does not know the answer, only what its students have taught it thus far, for one can only teach what it has previously learned.
Time is a gift yet also a curse; time is a part of you. Anything you have ever done, are doing, or hope to do, has happened or will happen in time, thus time is everything. Time is you and you are time. Don’t you see? You do not define time, time defines you.

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