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1510: Peter Henlein invents the pocket watch1510: Jews were expelled from Colmar, Germany and in Berlin, 38 Jews were burned at stake1517: Martin Luther puts forth his 95 Thesis in Wittenberg (Protestant Reformation)1519: There was a public debate between Martin Luther and theologian John Eck; University of Leuven condemned the teachings of Rev. Martin Luther1520: King Carlos I crowned as Holy Roman Empirer Charles V1521: Diet of Worms addresses Martin Luther and the effects on the Protestant Reformation; Pope Leo X excommunicated Martin Luther from the Roman Catholic Church1522: The Knights' War; Pope Adrian VI consecrated; Martin Luther completed his translation of the New Testament into German1524: The ...view middle of the document...

1569: Gerard Mercator invents Mercator map projection1574: The Univ. of Berlin was founded1595: Johannes Kepler’s geometric solid construction of universe1608: Establishment of the Protestant Union; Hans Lippershey invents the first refracting telescope1609: Formation of the Catholic League; the 1st newspaper was published in Germany; Johannes Kepler publishes Astronomia nova (investigation of the motion of Mars)1614: Vincent Fettmich expelled Jews from Frankfurt-on-Main, Germany1618: Thirty Years' War1621: In Germany potatoes, native to the Andes, were first planted1629: Edict of Restitution1632: Battle at Nuremberg: Duke Wallenstein beat Sweden1634: In Oberammergau, a re-enactment of the last days of Jesus began to be performed1637: Ferdinand III succeeded him as Holy Roman Emperor1648: Peace of Westphalia : European countries recognised Switzerland's independence from the Holy Roman Empire1650: Otto von Guericke invents a air pump1671: Gottfried Leibnitz devised a mechanical calculator to add, subtract, multiply and divide1683: The 1st settlers from Germany to US left aboard the ship Concord1686: Grand Alliance formed1690: The clarinet was invented in Germany1697: August of Saxony becomes king of Poland1699: Jews were expelled from Lubeck, Germany1700: Germany adopted the Gregorian calendar established in 1582

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