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Time Manage Essay

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The irony of time management, is that there is no such thing. This is because everyone is equally given 24 hours and reality is that we cannot manage it to be less or more. The secret here to champion every 24 hours a day is self management. So it actually comes down to how you manage yourself in 24 hours. Why do we manage time, or rather why do we manage ourselves? The answer to this is to achieve success. Success does not happen overnight. It involves hours of good practise and investment . Here are 7 golden tips to effective self management

1.) Goal Setting
“When you’re stuck in a dark place and you suddenly see a light, you immediately begin to follow it. That’s why setting goals is ...view middle of the document...

3.) The Power of To Do List
The To Do List is a traditional tool used to manage time or self wisely. How it works? It acts as a checklist where you place the most important task at the top, even if they’re things that you are dreading, tackle them first. Include things that you want to do on your list as well, in order for you to have items you’re looking forward to. Another ideal way to implement a to do list is to include a time budget concept. Figure out what are the key categories in your daily agenda. For instance, an agenda of a student includes academic, relaxation, self development and entertainment. Use this as a guideline to fill the to do list as in that way we will be able to give equal and undivided focus on the depth of each task and end of the day still be confident of ourselves for able to achieve on different fields in a 24 hour duration.

4.) Keep your work with you
Often in a day we find ourselves allowing our mind to wonder around and be unproductive. As a saying goes “an empty mind is a devil’s playground”. This is very common when we are either travelling to school or work, waiting for a bus or waiting for an appointment. In this time, if we were to keep our works with us, we will find ourselves with extra time. By applying this concept, we will be able to convert more productive time and allow room for more activities to be carried out in a daily basis. A good case practise here would be Japan, where the citizens portray the habit of reading when they either travelling or waiting for an appointment which allows them to maximize each second of their day.

5.) Always be realistic and learn to prioritize
Often why we find ourselves over occupied is due to the lack of acting realistically when comes to deciding our commitments. This comes back to managing our prioritize. Sometimes, it is hard to know how and which to prioritize, especially being a youth as youth this days are very actively involve in many commitments. However it is essential to learn to...

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