"Time Management" By Shagun Jain. Essay

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The most important and crucial factor regarding time is that it is inelastic and non-renewable. An event cannot take place unless there is a time for it. Time and tide wait for none. We may keep in mind that time is neutral that is it is neither good nor bad itself. Therefore to blame the time for any inaptitude or failure will be unfair to time itself. Hence for making the time good and fruitful, comes the concept of "Time Management".The statement that "Time is money" itself indicates the significance of time management. Though most people in government, public enterprises and private sector understand the implications of time management, but in actual practice, we find that time is wasted and its importance is undermined. Most of the executives in administration complain that they are too busy but still they let lot of their time away in unnecessary activities. Time is thought of as a resource. All other resources can be increased whenever required but not time and therefore, we must make the best use of time. To support this an example is illustrated as: many studies conducted revealed that persons in administration hardly devote 30 to 40 percent of their time for the activities they have been engaged for. It means that if proper use of time is made, we can provide services with the existing infrastructure two to three times more and thus the process of development can be accelerated.Thus all the services make best use of time, we can effectively enhance the process of development and help the people of country suffering from abject poverty, ill health, illiteracy, unemployment, in leading a good standard of life. In developed countries, the most precious resource is time and that is why they are developed, but in developing countries, time is unconsciously and consciously wasted in useless activities, resulting in underdevelopment and backwardness. Time has a value as a currency, and like the financial management it can be organized to get more with less. Time once lost is lost forever. In developed countries like Japan, time is utilized profitably and they do not waste time in any way. If the person in government or industry have to register protest, they do so simply by wearing black badges or presenting a memorandum, but not by stoppage of work. The aim of time management is not to turn the man to machine who work without interruptions or breaks, nor is it to develop rigid routines. Rather the aim is to organize and arrange the use of time so that time pressure and overcrowded schedules and wastage are reduced and one can have adequate rest periods without lowering work output.If forced to work under continuous pressure, people device various means of escape like taking days off for illness or slowing down their pace and becoming inefficient. These ways of relieving pressure may be observed among staff in an average overcrowded department. It can be seen in industry that regular breaks increase work efficiency and work output.There is no...

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