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TIME MANAGEMENT FOR PROCRASTINATION 2Running Head: TIME MANAGEMENT FOR PROCRASTINATION 1Time Management for ProcrastinationJoshua HandyCSS101October 10, 2014Karin DetweilerTime Management for ProcrastinationProcrastination is a "self-regulation failure that is widespread among students" (Klingsieck 2012), with technology and television growing, procrastination will only increase. This will decrease the number of students that graduate each year, whether an individual is online or at a traditional college procrastination is there. This gives rise to certain questions like, why do people procrastinate, how can I avoid it, and is my setting the cause of me procrastinating? There are effective ways to handle this situation for example; having the time management skill and knowing what kind of involvement a person has that makes him procrastinate.To get the meaning of time management we will need to break it down into two parts. First, time is "a limited period or span, as between two consecutive events" ("time", n.d.). Next, management is defined as "the person or persons controlling and directing affairs" ("management", n.d.). As we can see there is nothing that time doesn't affect or deal with. Being able to manage is to have the rule over whatever you are handling. The effects of a person having combined the two would mean that they will have control over there life. I don't know any other greater possession there is, so we can see the importance of time management.The ways that time is related to procrastination, and can time management help. In the previous paragraph we talked on time, what does procrastination have to do with time? Well, the habit of putting off or delaying is defined as procrastination. Procrastination was "inversely correlated with the adoption of a systematic and disciplined approach to one's work and with the planning and managing of one's time, which is suggestive of poor organization"( Schouwenburg 2004, p .296-297) meaning, procrastination is an effect of time not managed or planned out. So, the way to avoid this common era of getting distracted or side tracked is to carefully plan out ones time effectively. The management of time can result in little or no...

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766 words - 3 pages fish with the bait, and to do good work you need to do more than find good projects. With students being incoming freshmen in college and having to study more than they had to in high school, they chose to do something else instead of study. They would rather just wait to the last minute to complete a task that they have had for days and or weeks. Also some people use time as a procrastination, they may say “ oh this is easy I will just do it

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