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Time's Child Essay

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Der Teufel Wald. The Devil’s Forest. A forest said to be as old as time itself. Teaming with dark and heinous creatures. Ones that parents had warned their children, that if they did not comply, would get them. Older siblings or friends that tell where they lurk in your closet. Or just assumptions of your own mind created from the eerie darkness that lurks under your bed when the lights go out. No matter where they came from, they lurk in the dark pines of the charcoal colored woods.
One would think that with such depravities living in a singular area that it would be sensible for humanity to stay as far away as possible. Yet not even half a mile away from the outskirts of the forest lays a village teeming with wary people. Very wary, dunkley, stupid people. I always found it funny that how no matter the danger, humans seems to have an unconscious need to place themselves at the doorstep of harm. I watch. I watch them every second of every minute of everyday. All aware of my presence yet still ignorant. This leads my mind to think and wonder. What is a day? Is it the lack of the sun? Is it something you can touch? Can I be touched? Yes... I remember. A girl from the village.
The villagers often spoke of a being, male or female, many parties claiming that they person could not decide on gender, that lived in the haunted woods across a bridge that was the only source of light lay. “This being wielded the power of healing and other great powers,” they said. Spinning a hundred year drunken web of the ‘being’. The village drunkards often talked of the ‘being’ with such earnest of their intoxication that of course it would lead a small child to believe in such tales. The gypsy child had often dreamed of the mystical being. The hope to meet it and ask to be granted a wish, for all children dream carelessly.

What was she doing? It was insane, suicide. I watched as the stones were flung through the air at the gypsy child. Swears and derogatory terms about her skin were yelled at her. She ran, trying to get away from the boys, straight into the black trees, their branches stretched out like welcoming hands. The boys immediatly stopped their pursuit of the girl for fear of their own lives, smart enough to know the dangers that lies there.
She ran in a straight line of frantic fear for not being able to see the light of where the entrance was. Her little heart pumping vigorously as the blade tips of the branches cut into her skin as she ran. Ominous noises that did not match her feet sounded all around her. The gypsy girl ran so blindly that she almost missed the faint glow of white that was barely noticeable in the blackness. Turning swiftly she dashed through the raven grass, tripping and rolling into the light. The child had to rub her eyes from the sudden brightness. As she opened them the look on her face would have been considered comical if not given the situation. Her eyes had widened considerably and her mouth dropping at the sight before...

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