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Five Tips to Create an Awesome To-do List
Are you known for forgetting the work you are supposed to do? Have you ever considered making a to-do list? It is simple and easy to make and a life saver. It can change you from a forgetful person to the employee of the year. It is a simple and an amazing way to remember tasks, set priorities and in short be “efficient”.

People have a misconception that rosters are used for managing the jobs only. You might be tempted to use this method in your theory exams. Those who have problems remembering key points may write them down with a pencil in the margins and, then, expand their answer around that framework. You may use a to-do list in writing speeches and debates also!
People use various methods for managing their time, such as keeping a time journal, setting reminders in their phone, setting alarms, etc. Why do you need a to-do list when you might be using any of the above stated methods already? A to-do list is a concise record of your journal. It contains a brief description of the work you have to perform. Those who want to work according to their wish, and do not want to stick to a rigid time schedule, would prefer it over a time journal. It would be ideal for people who do creative work that requires a suitable ambience.
Creating a to-do list is very simple. It does not require any rigid estimates about your time requirement. All you need to do is grab a sheet of paper, and write down all the chores that you intend to do. And your to-do list is ready! It is easy to prepare, not very time consuming and a lifesaver. However, to make your checklist more significant and efficient you can follow the below mentioned tips.
1. Write your jobs briefly. You may add a brief one line description if necessary.
Write the name of the job and if necessary use, simple and one line description of the tasks. This would help you record your work catalogue in a concise manner. The shorter the catalogue seems to be, the more relaxed you would feel. A short checklist would give you the feeling of having less work. Try to make it seem shorter by using simple phrases like "pick kids from school", "submit report”, “buy flowers for wife" etc. . You need not be careful about English rules. You may write the gist of your mission!
2. If a certain task is complex, you may break it into subtasks. You may also create a separate checklist for such a task.
You might be working on a big project, and you may be worried about missing on some minute details. A simple solution would be to subdivide the big mission into small phases. This would not only ensure that you do not miss on details, but also simplify the complex task. Suppose you need to prepare for a presentation or an exam. You can create a record of the topics you intend to cover in your presentation, or the chapter that you need to prepare for your exam. This way you would be able to...

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