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There are many mixed reviews on the topic of immigration. Should we continue to allow immigrants to come into our country, both legally and illegally? As a country, should we tighten the borders? Should we require every person living in the USA to be registered with a new National Identity Bureau (Park)? At some point something needs to give. Our economy is in the worse shape in that has been in years. The unemployment rate is at the highest point that has been in years, and there are many illegal immigrants working, while many citizens and legal residents remain unemployed. As a country we need to stop the problem, and develop a proper system for handling immigration.
Not only are the employment opportunities affected by illegal immigrants coming to our country, but the welfare system is also abused. Many immigrants come to the United States to have their children. They use our county hospitals to give birth, and our government aid to take care of them. They also come and have children in American so that they can have a better chance of bringing the rest of their family to the United States. Citizens of Mexico have also been known to abuse this law: When they give birth inside the USA, they have established a foothold by having an US citizen in the family. This child might later be used to facilitate entry and citizenship for the parents and later other family members (Park).
On the other hand, there are countless cases of immigrants that do abide by our laws, and contribute to our society in very positive ways, and are unable to bring their families to our

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country to enjoy their life together. Often the rigid enforcement of immigration rules and regulations results in nuclear families being broken up because not all members have permission
to live in the USA. We know heart-breaking stories of family broken apart by the deportation of family members who are citizens of other countries (Park).
What is our country doing about this problem? They are continuing to send mixed messages. The Obama administration deported more than 392,000 people in fiscal year 2010, according to the Department of Homeland Security, and has continued the Bush administration’s high spending on immigration enforcement (Gonzales). However, Obama has now appointed 48 Latinos to top-level positions that require Senate confirmation, more than any previous administration, earning the praise of many mainstream Latino organizations (Gonzales).
If we are going to do something about the immigration problem and the terrorist problem, we need to do it sooner rather than later. This has been an ongoing problem in our country, and it is time to put our foot down and get this country back in order.
The Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 (IRTPA) had previously mandated that U.S. officials develop a plan to require a passport or other secure identity...

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