Time To End The Injustice Retaliation

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There is no legal murder, except for execution. Killing a person is a horrible crime, but execution is a legal revenge by justice criminal system. Traditional thinking, a murderer, who committed heinous, unforgivable crime, should be punished by taking his life away. Recently, the legal action, capital punishment, became a controversy topic and it’s absolutely a profound theme worthy of thinking.
Capital punishment (so called death penalty), according to Longman Dictionary, is the legal punishment which involves killing someone who has committed a crime (ldoceonline.com). Authorities are able to kill a criminal who violated against the law, mostly murder. A controversy question comes up ...view middle of the document...

It is easy to find out some examples of death penalty cases, and the cost of them is mostly by court case. No one wants to die and every person who was sentenced with death penalty tries their best to make it to life sentence. For example, in DPIC’s numerical data, in 2004-2011, defense for death penalty costs averaged $395,762 per case, but non-death penalty cost only $98,963 per case in Kansas (DPIC).
The whole society hates criminal activities (murder), but as a kind of revenge, execution became a legal murder. This kind of social collective revenge is also considered as a problem because it leads some innocent people got executed. Mario Cuomo, author of “Death Penalty Is Dead Wrong: It's Time to Outlaw Capital Punishment in America Completely”, states that “The death penalty legitimizes an irreversible act of violence by the state and will inevitably claim innocent victims” (Cuomo). As humans, we are an inevitable force of error. However, when a life is at stake, error is not an option. The death penalty is murder by the government. As a nation, we have prided ourselves in our government, its justice and truth. Cuomo thinks that capital punishment. Those innocent people were wrongly murdered by the government, and as a result, government destroyed their families. If those innocent people were not sentenced to death but life imprisonment, they might be free again and compensated by government. It’s unfair for those who were wrongfully executed because those lost their live, future, families. Cases of miscarriage of justice are cruel to the innocent people. They were not the real criminals, but they suffer the punishment like condemned prisoners. There were so many cases of miscarriage of justice. Joseph Roger O’Dell was charged for murder, rape and sodomy of Helen Schartner. After Joseph got capital punishment, series of DNA test found out that Joseph wasn’t the real offender but someone else. This court case was finally closed but Joseph became another victim. He wasn’t supposed to die, but justice, took his life. Miscarriages of justice not only end the lives of innocent people, but also creates social and moral problem (Cuomo).
Amy Miller, author of “Death Penalty: Right or Wrong” gives an example of miscarriage of justice: Anthony Porter was convicted of killing a person in 1989, and as a result, he spent next 16 years on death row. He knew his innocence and helplessness in this case, so he requested for his students’ assistance. He finally released from prison because re-investigation shows that the real homicide is someone else (Miller). Not like other victims from justice in Cuomo’s article, Anthony Porter didn’t receive death penalty but saved by other people who trust in him. Death penalty almost got him killed but death row was the only element that kept him alive for a little longer. He is lucky compare to other victims who got killed. Living in jail for 16 years, Porter lost almost everything. His life can never be back....

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