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Apart from this self-perspective, learning is a characteristic of my profession. For that reason, I consider relevant the implementation of Self Directed Learning SDL strategies into my context as public education teacher to transform and adequate learning definition to a functional and real students centered principle.
First at all, it is relevant to explore some of the different perspectives authors have consider the SDL. Regarding what Song & Hill (2007) summary authors remark three main characteristic to take into account when discussing about SDL. Personal attribute, process and context.
Candy (1991) claims into the definition of SDL as a “personal attribute” (p, 7) students ...view middle of the document...

Not only are Net Geners acculturated to the use of technology, they are saturated with it” (p, 1). Considering this natural interaction young learners have a new way to communicate, express their ideas and learn.
As a result the SDL can give to high school students a productive way to approach to the technology. In my school context students are in the face to face environment just 6 hours a day, the rest of the day they are doing different thinks than learning academic concerns. In fact, they learn outside school more than they learn inside the school. But this learning is disorganized and full of gaps and questions that nobody answers.
Barnes, Marateo,& Ferris mention independence, autonomy and learning as main characteristic net generation has to develop to generate a relevant impact in their learning needs.
These students even if they don’t count with high technology access are defined by Oblinger, Oblinger, & Lippincott (2005) as “nontraditional learners” these students are characterized to handle multitasking activities, attend blended classes, work and study at the same time, dependency from parents in non-traditional families (single mother or father, only child) and special connections with social networks.
The authors state that their interactions are based on the dynamic to virtual and face to face encounters with pairs or tem works. In this way Oblinger, Oblinger, & Lippincott (2005) Define their communities as “Their communities...

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