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Time Travelling To The Future Essay

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This summer I went to my grandma's house and found a time machine. In the process of checking it out my hand hit a button, and I was accidentally sent back to the time of King Arthur. I met some Knights of the Round Table and King Arthur. Then, on my way back King Arthur managed to, somehow, come along too. Now my grandma and I are on our way to try and put him in back in his own time.
"Is that everything?" hollers Grandma from the kitchen.
Looking in the backpack of food, I call back, "I think so, but we seem to be missing the gummy worms."
"I have them," she says as she walks into the pantry, "They're good too." I watch as she eats one.
"Grandma! We need those for the trip," I squeal. ...view middle of the document...

We awaken to a computerized female voice saying, “Time travelers 200,372; 200,373; 200,374. Please do not be alarmed. You have just traveled to the year 3114 A.D. Do not panic. Soon you will arrive at our debriefing center. Then you will be shipped off to the lab to be experimented on. Again, do not be in dismay. This is the future.” Glancing around I see a robot standing over us with a clipboard, and we appear to be moving. On a close inspection I see that we are on a conveyer belt heading toward a dark room where lots of screaming seems to be coming from. I hear the sound of vomit hitting the floor and look at Grandma. Time traveling probably wasn’t the best idea for her old age.
“Where are we?” she moans.
With a slight edge of sarcasm, I reply, “According to robocop here, we’re in the year 3114 and about to be experimented on.”
All Grandma manages to answer back with is, “Oh.” We hear more moaning and see King Arthur moving. Quickly, and with all the force I can muster, I slug him as hard as I can. He slumps back in his seat. It would be easier to not have to explain anything to him right now....

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