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This performance was inspired by the myth of Osiris’s, the Egyptian god of the dead, scattered limbs. Using this inspiration, Margaret Jenkins pulled the “spine” of all of her works out in order to create Times Bones.
This work of art started with a tribute to all of the dancers, musicians, and other staff that have helped Jenkins over the past forty years. It served not only as an act of recognition, but also as an introduction to the main piece of the dance because the dancers performed on the ramp leading into the CFA theatre for the duration of the tribute. The movements, music, and way the names were honored all played a part in setting the stage for the performance; ...view middle of the document...

All types of movements shared the same undivided attention to the music and the other dancers though. Although the performance occurred in front of a large audience, the only time that any of the dancers acknowledged this audience was when they all bowed before leaving the stage for the last time. Some dancers did interact more with each other than with other dancers however. One example of this was the same male and female couple walked across the stage, and then back along the same path, multiple times with the male carrying the woman who seemed as if she was collecting and grabbing items out of the air.
Likewise, this movement also highlights another theme from the performance. The dancers would often retrace their steps, which could be interpreted to show them coming from the past, into the present, and then learning from their pasts. Both the music and the lights would back up this claim since when moving forward the brightness and tempo picked up, and slowed down when the performers retraced their steps.
Incidentally, watching this performance gave a similar feeling as the inner and outer eye assignment did. While trying to focus on watching the miniature hand gestures made by a dancer in the foreground, it was...

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