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Small Pox Vaccine And Why We Shouldn't Have To Take It Unless We Choose To.

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Small Pox and Its DangersThe recent cases of anthrax due to bioterrorism and the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, have led to an unexampled degree of concern and urgency regarding the liability of our society to more such attacks. High government officials have been making public announcements that it is not a matter of if, but when' another foreign terrorist attack will occur in the United States. The government said they have credible "intelligence" our unknown adversaries are preparing to attack us with a weaponized small pox agent.Smallpox is a highly contagious virus that can be spread from person to person and infects 30% of the people who are exposed to it. Once infected, there is no cure. None of our current antiviral medications is effective. Smallpox can spread from person to person and through infected blankets, linens, and clothing. With absolutely no evidence as to the safety or effectiveness of any small pox vaccine, government officials say we, the American public, must be given small pox vaccinations, by force if necessary, to prevent an outbreak, even though it is widely accepted among biological warfare agent specialists that no one particular small pox vaccine can be effective among all the latest strains of small pox, especially the old investigatory small pox vaccines.Forty years ago, small pox could not have posed a serious bioterrorism threat since most of the U.S. population and that of the world was immune to the disease as a result of compulsory vaccination programs. The vaccination program was discontinued in the United Stated because there were several vaccine-related deaths each year while there was little or no risk of naturally occurring diseases.Evidently, the government doesn't know who or where our enemies are because forced inoculations would be unnecessary if our alleged enemies were nullified before the "attack". Fortunately, however, our enemies have graciously consented to forestall the imminent attack for a year or so, until the government has made three hundred million small pox vaccines. Also, our unknown enemies have mercifully declined to deploy any of the 64 other publicly known biological warfare agents so the government will have time to manufacture even more kinds of vaccines for our protection.The adverse effect of vaccinia virus vaccine are well recognized, yet the benefits are unclear, given our inability to know whether small pox will be used as an agent of bioterrorism. Public officials want us to believe the benefits of untested and experimental vaccines out weigh the risks, but just to be safe the vaccine manufactures cannot be held liable if our family members or we sustain vaccine related injuries. The government said, "we can not risk an epidemic by giving the public the right to informed consent".Do you really expect them (government) to tell you the truth about adverse reactions once this demonic vaccination program is implemented?The questions remain, since the government...

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