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AbstractThe requirement to analyze the guidelines for advocates is derived from that professional work which plays vital role on social change. The code of ethics can best be described as set of guidelines for daily professional life which should be used by every individual who has decided to be professional worker. Additionally, the society also has the right to know that the work of human service professionals has its specific protective measures, which guarantee that the work can be trusted and is reliable in every aspect.Guidelines For AdvocacyThe following guidelines may help service professional to handle ethical conflicts which encountered: Know federal and state laws about quality, as well as the most recent court may be decisions. Service professionals should have an understanding of important federal laws and recent Supreme Court decisions that affect quality. It is also important that advocates be knowledgeable about their own state laws and recent state court decisions about quality issues (Ezell, 2001). The local chapter, law library, or the Internet may be helpful sources of information. (Heermance, 1999). Know the Code of Ethics and how it applies to quality. The new Code stresses that the professional worker must share with clients the limits of quality posed by third party payers. Service professionals also are advised to maintain client quality while using technological means.Service professionals should understand the level of quality required for the information to be provided and should discuss with clients how sensitive the information is and incorporate their concerns about safety in decision about the type of quality needed (Heermance, 1999). Explore how quality is protected in one's agency. Policies about quality are usually included in agency policies and procedures manuals. Service professionals have responsibility to know what these policies are and to work in their agencies to delineate the scope of these policies more clearly. (Dolgoff, 1992). Convey to clients both verbally and in written form limits to quality. Discussing the limits of quality with clients is not new. For number of years service professionals have been advised that absolute quality cannot be guaranteed and that...

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