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Tips For Intensifying Attraction From A Man

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Does this bit of initial attraction sound familiar? You see him standing across the crowded room. He is standing there drink in one hand and his head slightly cocked to one side listening to conversation. You are thinking how hot and sexy he looks in his pin stripped suit. Then his eyes suddenly meet yours. He smiles and you coyly smile back. He ambles over to where you are standing. As he gets closer you notice that your heart pounds faster, you feel flush, your palms are sweatier, and the butterflies are fluttering. He introduces himself and makes the two of you make small talk. Then, he buys you a drink and more small talk ensues. First rule of thumb, as this small talk occurs remember to relax and be yourself; let nature take its course. Naturally he asks you out and you gracefully accept. Now is the time for some more helpful tips. On the first date, never do these two things. First, keep the mystery going by not telling him everything there is to know about you and don’t ask what he does for a living as it may raise a red flag and he may wonder if you are only interested in money. Save that one for another time. Instead ask him about the kind of hobbies he has or what kind of sports he is into and which football team he likes. Get him to tell what his favorite color is and wear it on your next date. You will make him feel special by remembering his favorite color. Don’t forget your flirty side! Bat those long, luscious eyelashes at him while smiling. Men are suckers for a little flirtation. Also, make sure you have a good sense of humor; laugh at his corny jokes or if you do something awkward be able to laugh at yourself. You are showing him that you are confident by flirting, smiling and laughing. Men love a confident woman.
Now it’s time heat things up by making that initial attraction more intense. This is how you can turn it up a notch! Spend...

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