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Writing A Script Tips Essay

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- So you wanna write a script and start off that new series? Let's start with the basics . . .

Hello there fellow aspiring writers, and welcome to the first session of script writing tips for sims machinama. It's a real treat to watch a script you wrote be turned into an episode/film/part of a series for the first time. It's even better when that script carries over well to that visual adaptation and makes one hell of an awesome first episode/part that those watching will enjoy. So, how do we do that? Simply start off by following a few simple basics:

1( Planning, and more planning, and later we'll plan some more:
-When starting a series you want the material to be something you are passionate about, a topic/idea that fascinates you and provides the potential to be something others will be interested in aswell. Every series start with an idea or inspiration from a book, movie, t.v. show, anime, etc. Once you have that topic, it's time to plan. There's been many times I've seen a series that had such potential simply go down the drain due to lack of planning.
On a personal matter, I know it's far easier to write out scripts when I already have a rough outline of what the episode will contain, and how it leads into the next part or ties up all the loose ends. Knowing what direction the series is headed in allows you as a writer to establish the plot and add in more twists and character dynamics making the show far more entertaining to the viewer. Why stumble over following your own plot and making everything interesting and match up when you take time from the beginning to sort everything out and have your series prepared on paper before it hits youtube?
Rough outlines are great for series, also sitting down and writing several scripts in advance(or short stories)helps the writer grasp the story and prepare one to share it with an audience. If someone is there to let you ramble on and provide ideas and critism, rant to them about the story. You'd be surprised what a third party member sees in your story and what they want more of.
Organization of plot and characters provides an easier filming and editing process, and ...

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