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Tips To Keep Your Bathroom Warm In Winter

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Have you ever walked into a bathroom and faced the rough transition from a bliss of warmth to harsh blow of cold instantly? You definitely do not want the same to happen in your home bathrooms on a chilly winter night, right? We bring you suggestions on how to warm up your bathroom with blowing up your bank account by the following tricks and tips.
Rugs can add coziness – Get rid of your old and boring bath mat and get a nice rug instead. Placing a rug in your bathroom can be a real blessing for your feet after a shower. You can get the rug in rich colours and match it with your shower curtains to warm up the look of the whole bathroom. This is especially true if your household has children or elderly members in it. Make sure you place an anti-slip pad under the rug to avoid slipping accidentally.
Tiles – While natural stone tiles like marble, slate or travertine are popular choices when it comes to bathrooms, they can also be very expensive. An alternative and less pricey option is ceramic tiles with natural stone finish. They cost a fraction of the natural stone tiles and at the same time have high heat retention properties. Tiling on wood instead of concrete is one of the secrets that the most renowned bathroom planners do not reveal while sharing bathroom tiles ideas. Wood lets the surface breathe and hold the heat, unlike concrete which absorbs it and leaves the surface cold.
Bathroom fixtures – The best bathrooms are carefully planned to provide comfort both in summer and winter. One essential part of it is choosing the correct fixtures. From the bathroom grab rails to the shower cabinet, make sure the material of the fixtures is such that it is comfortable to touch in the cold weather. You have to pay special attention to fixtures which allow you to choose hot water or cold water for bath or wash. Ideally, such fixtures should be moulded with chrome. Invest in wash basins, sink...

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