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Tips To Keep Your Kids Occupied During The Holidays

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Aren't holidays the period most parents covet yet despise. On one hand, there is no need to wake up early, rush with breakfast, get the kids ready or deal with homework and tests. On the other, it can be a nerve-wrecking time thinking of ways to keep the child from getting bored. To let you have a peaceful time while your kid is on his or her holiday, we are bringing you a host of activities for kids to keep them interested and occupied through the holidays.
Outdoor Activities
As children are drawn more and more towards television, computers and video games, they tend to remain indoors. Holidays are a perfect time to take them out to enjoy the fresh air outside and get engaged in fun ...view middle of the document...

Take them to museums, places of historical importance and monuments in and around where you live. Arrange picnics to zoos, botanical gardens or forests where children can learn about flora and fauna.
Encourage outdoor conditioning – Encourage your children to take up outdoor activities. Depending on the age group, they can be taken to enjoy activities like swimming, hiking, fishing and trekking.
Indoor Activities
While outdoor activities can be really fun, it may not be possible everyday. But that need not bother you as you can have many activities totally detrimental to the boredom of your children. In the process, you may also nurture their skills.
Art and Crafts – Art and crafts are the easiest activities to keep kids busy at home.
Teach your children how to create hand and finger paintings.
Encourage them to create scrap books on topics which interest them.
Teach your children how to make puppets with simple decorative paper, glue, scissors and crayons. If your child is very young, you may have to monitor him or her.
Help your child create a photo...

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