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Tired Of Taxes The Real Story Behind 1776.

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Tired of Taxes- the real story behind 1776"All men have a right to remain in a state of nature as long as they please; and in case of intolerable oppression, civil or religious, to leave the society they belong to, and enter into another."#Many people believe that the causes of the American Revolution were rooted in their opposition to taxes; however, this is most certainly not true. Many small things accumulatively caused the American Revolution, but the land problem took precedence over the rest. Three main reasons determined why the American colonists revolted in 1776: 1) the mentality that land equals power, 2) the colonies were becoming seriously overpopulated, and 3) a scarcity of land for farming and especially animal grazing occurred. The British Crown tried to damper the colonists' insatiable hunger for more land west of the Appalachian Mountains in a fatal attempt to win the Native Americans friendship, but the cramped and irritated settlers weren't going to stand for it.#The land west of the Appalachian Mountains had always been a source of conflict, and it worsened during the French and Indian Wars. The assumption that land equaled power, "property I fact, generally confers power,"# was amplified during the wars, and made the struggle for more an even greater feat. The British devised a plan to gain more land in the Appalachian region, but the French soon caught on to their scheme, "However there is not doubt that the English have no justification for such enterprises which have long been no secret; they wish to be in a position to invade,"# and "The restoration of peace has in no wise diverted the English from their constant design to get possession of all the commerce of America."# The French attempted to secure their territory from the English by constructing forts on the Wabash , Mississippi , the Missouri , and Ohio Rivers as well as Lake Champlain because, "The king...may think it most proper to protect himself from the ambitious projects of a nation..."# Marquis de la Galissoniere demonstrated the importance of this matter, as the loss of land would in turn display a loss of power:"It is of the utmost importance and of absolute necessity not to omit any means, nor spare any expense to secure Canada, inasmuch as that is the only way to wrest America from the ambition of the English, and as the progress of their empire in that quarter of the globe is most capable of contributing to their superiority in Europe."#In Europe, the incessant struggle for power directly affected the battles in the colonies. War Between the French and the British was officially declared in 1756, which consisted of a series of wars named the French and Indian Wars that was fought both in the colonies and in Europe. The turning point of the wars was the French and Indian War (The Great War for Empire), when the British designed an attack that would prove fatal to the French. #In 1758, the English attack the French from two different angles: land and water....

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