Tis': A Memoir Frank Mc Court Essay

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Tis': A Memoir Frank McCourt

Tis' by the Irish born author, Frank McCourt retells his life as a
young immigrant making his way in New York City. He wants to succeed
in the land of opportunities however, he is dashed by the reality that
an Irishman who has rotten teeth, bad eyes, and no high school diploma
has no real chance. He finds himself in the lowest of jobs, scrubbing
the lobby of a swanky hotel.

I am going to discuss the mental effect poverty has on McCourt in Tis.

The American way of life make Frank feel like an outsider. In Ireland,
everyone was an equal and they all struggled together. However, across
the water, there are girls with tanned legs and boys with broad
football shoulders and pearly white teeth. Frank did not even dare
open his mouth for fear of being laughed at for his appalling dental

Tis is more about the emotional side of poverty Frank is still poor -
he describes cheese sandwiches as a delicacy - but he is no longer at
risk of dying from starvation. He generally finds places to sleep and
food to eat

He wants the comfort and worry-free lives of the comfortable Americans
around him. He wants a girl with whom to share the "excitement." He
wants to have healthy eyes and good teeth.

However, in the middle of the privileges surrounding him, on thing
Frank wants the most: not luxury but an education. He gazes longingly
at the textbooks students carry on the subway, wanting the pride it
would give him to hold such a book. Frank in many ways is comfortable
in the typical working-class job of his countrymen: the docks where he
works unloading trucks, the pubs where his addiction to drinking
become dangerously close to the habits of his own father (whose
drunkenness nearly destroyed the McCourts in the earlier book).
Nevertheless, his craving for an education never leaves him, and he

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