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Titan Case Study International Business Law

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IntroductionTitan set up a joint venture with a government company in the West of Africa, in Benin, in 1998 to build a wireless telephone network. The firm hired a man as its local agent, who was known as a business adviser to Benin's president, Mathieu Kerekou.From 1999 to December 2001, Titan paid more than $3.5 million to this agent, including $2 million that was falsely billed as consulting services but actually was used for the president's re-election campaign. In 2000, Titan demanded an increase from 5% to 20% in the fees it charged for supervising the project, but this was turned down by the state telecommunications office of Benin. One year later, during the preparations for the presidential elections held in March 2001, Titan began to make 'social payments' in Benin. Some of the money was used to reimburse the agent's purchase of campaign T-shirts and to pay for a $1,850 pair of earrings for the president's wife.Through out this paper, we will try to understand why Titan was accused of bribery and what this accusation means. In order to comprehend the situation, it is necessary to explain what bribery and corruption are and why they are prohibited. Thanks to these explanations, we will able to analyze Titan's case and expose the laws that the firm is confronted with. Finally, we will see how we can resolve, or at least limit, the problem of bribery throughout the world.Scope of researchIn order to find a case that corresponded to a topic which was covered during the seminar, I started out by looking for articles which talked about corruption. When I came upon an article that seemed to cover international business law, the Titian case, I continued to search for related articles.Most of the articles mentioned the Foreign Corruption Practices Law of 1977, so it became clear that this was the most relevant law to this case. Consequently, I began researching this act on the Internet, in order to fully understand what was being reproached to Titan Corporation.Once I had finished researching this act, I tried to find more articles to find different points of view for this case. However, considering that Titan Corporation pleaded guilty to the charges it was accused of, it was difficult to find these points of views.The reason why the Internet was used as a too of research is that it allows to collect information throughout the world, even if the topic is several months old. In this case, it allowed me to gather information from US, French or African articles.BackgroundBribery can be defined as offering something to someone in order for this person to behave or act a certain way. It is a form of corruption and is generally illegal, or at least generates sanctions from one's employer or professional organization.What constitutes corruption differs depending on the country or jurisdiction. Certain political funding practices that are legal in one place may be illegal in another. In some countries, police and prosecutors have complete freedom to...

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