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Titanic Essay

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One of the greatest news headlines of all times was actually never supposed to happen. The shocking news of the sunken ocean liner the Titanic shocked millions. The sinking itself probably wouldn’t have even mattered except that the builders themselves said that the ship simply could not sink. The news not only hit the United States, but countries everywhere were saddened to hear the news of “The Unsinkable” and its grave end.
In 1907 a man named J. Bruce Ismay, who was the manager of White Star Lines went to a dinner party at the mansion of the wealthy William James Pierre. Pierre was a chairman to one of the largest shipbuilding companies in Belfast, Harland and Wolff. At dinner the two discussed luxury ships like the Lusitania and the Mauretania. These two liners were more luxurious and faster than any other liner ever made and that was bad news for Ismay and Pierre. It was a problem because Cunard Lines, the maker of these two luxury ships, was White Star Lines’ only competition. By the time dinner was over they had made up a plan to build three ‘Olympic’ class ships. These ships would be fifteen hundred gross tons larger and about one hundred feet longer than the Lusitania and the Mauretania. The building of the Titanic and the Olympic were to start immediately, with the Britannic to follow in the coming years. On July 29, 1908 White Star owners approved the design plan for the three ships. The final price cost of each ship was approximately seven million five hundred dollars. In order to build the ships, new special made slips had to be made to be able to carry their weight. On March 31, 1909 the construction on the Titanic began. The ships would all feature compartments that would seal off sections of the ship that may have taken on water in case of a collision. These compartments were a part of the brand new idea of a watertight compartment system. The Titanic was to be the most lavish of the three luxury vessels. It was to have ankle-deep beautiful carpet, wonderfully detailed ornamental carvings on the floor and ceiling. The Titanic was finished on February 3, 1912. (Domont, www.geocites…; Acheson,
     The Titanic set out on its fateful voyage on May 31st, 1911 from Southampton to New York. On the way she stopped in Cherbourg and Queenstown. On the Titanic’s voyage numerous iceberg warnings were received, warning them to turn around or choose another route to get to their destination. At approximately 11:40 P.M. the lookouts of the Titanic, which was moving around 20 ½ knots, sight a gigantic iceberg straight in their course. The warning bell is immediately sounded. Quick after, Sixth Officer Moody relays the message to First Officer Murdoch who calls the engine room and tells the engineers to turn off the engines and turn the ship hard. Thirty-seven seconds of heart stopping time later, the iceberg strikes the ship on the starboard bow side. The impact is not noticed by most of the...

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