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Title Essay

1585 words - 7 pages

It was an ordinary Saturday morning and Sarah got up to her two brothers mike and Jacob jumping up and down on her bed to wake her up. While mike and Jacob was jumping on Sarah they were yelling
“Sarah get up it’s your birthday mom and dad have a surprise for you down stairs”
But all Sarah did was moaned and pulled her covers over her head so then mike and Jacob went down stairs and told there mom and dad that Sarah won’t get up so mom and dad was thinking of a plan to get Sarah. But then mom had a plan and told her husband to come over so she can whisper the plan in his ear and he leaned over and she told him.
“so get a glass of cold water and put ice in it then go up to her room and I will pull her covers down then you will dump the glass of water slowly so she will get up and she will want to get the cup but you will run down stairs and sit on the coach then we will tell her the surprise we got her”
After mom was done explaining the plan to dad he got up and got the glass and the cold water with ice and they both went upstairs. When they got into Sarah’s room dad said
“Wake up Sarah it’s your birthday”
But even then she did not get up all she did was moaned and said.
“I’m too tired to do anything”
So mom walked over to the end of Sarah’s bed and dad took the cup of extremely cold water with ice and held it over Sarah’s head to get ready to dump it on her so mom pulled the covers down and dad poured the water on her and she screamed
“MOM DAD!!!!!! “
And she pulled her covers off and got out of her bed and started to run after her mom and her dad but when she caught up with them they were already sitting on the couch with a little present on the coffee table in front of the couch Sarah stopped and asked.
“okay you got me out of my bed by dumping extremely cold water on my head so now that you got me up what is the surprise you got me for my birthday that you interrupted my beauty sleep for.” Mom and dad said.
“Well we know that it is Saturday and this is the day you sleep in and go to Breyannas house and mess around but today we got you a credit card that has 1000 dollars on it and we want you to go and spend it on any phone you want since you are turning 16.
So when Sarah heard that her mom and dad gave her a 1000 dollars to spend on any phone she want her eyes opened and her jaw dropped like she just got a million dollars so Sarah said to her parents.
“O thank you so much I have been wanting a new phone because my old phone is a piece of junk”
Sarah ran up to her mom and dad and gave them the biggest hug that she has ever given them and thanked them so many times. So Sarah ran upstairs to get around to go to the store to pick out her new phone. When she was done getting around she got her old phone and called her best friend breyanna and told her what they were going to be doing today.
Ring ring breyanna answered and before breyanna could say a word Sarah started to tell her what happened and she said.
“Hey breyanna it’s Sarah you know...

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