Critical Incident Scenario Essay

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Critical Incident Scenario
The critical incident that I will be explaining about is regarding an eight-year-old girl currently a student at Victory Independent School District (VISD). This student wrote on her class journal that her uncle was touching her in her private parts when no one was watching. The teacher was so confused to what to do when he read Bianca’s journal, especially because he was wondering if it was appropriate for him to ask her questions about it. The teacher was concern that due to being a male that the student was going to feel uncomfortable if he were to ask her about what she had wrote in her journal. The teacher did know what to do and he was so confused because he was reading and grading the journals at home during the weekend. He continued reading Bianca’s journal and feeling more worry about his student wellbeing at home.
The next day he got to school extra early to talk to the school counselor to know what exactly he could do or the school counselor could do for Bianca. He was so nervous because it was his first week of teaching at a school since he graduated from the University and he never expected to experience this situation at such an early point in his career. He spoke to the school counselor and explained her the situation. The teacher show the school counselor Bianca’s journal and the school counselor mentioned that they needed more information regarding the situation due to the journal being to short regarding the situation. The teacher mentioned that if she could speak to Bianca in private when she arrived at school and for her to ask her about the situation. The teacher mentioned to the school counselor that he was concern that Bianca was not going to tell him the details due to being a male and that maybe she was going to feel betrayed by him for telling her about it. The school counselor agree to speak to the student and try to help her out by getting the information they need to make a report to the authorities. The school counselor mentioned that they needed to follow their school policies of speaking to the student first, gathered the information, and for the teacher and administration to be present when the school counselor makes the report. However, the school counselor mentioned that the student could not be present when making the report that the student needed to be in another room with another counselor. The teacher waited patiently for Bianca to arrived to class, but she never did. The school counselor informed her principal of the situation and he mentioned that they could not do a report of child abuse without first speaking to the child and not having all the detail to report it. The school counselor informed the teacher what the principal had told her and that basically they needed to speak to the student first before doing anything else. The teacher was full of mixed emotions and did not know how to react that there was no report done due to lack of information and concern...

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