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Choosing The Right Career Path For You

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Ever since civilization was capable of recording history, we were able to identify the type of job fields that existed throughout history. Not much has changed over the centuries; Ancient Greece consisted of farmers and fishermen just like we have today. According to the Bible, Jesus Christ was a carpenter by trade, he followed in the footsteps of his adoptive father. I believe a lot of people throughout history have aimed to follow the same line of work as their parents, because they respected their mother/father; parents have a big influence on our career choices. Unfortunately, many people eventually realized they earned their degrees/licenses in their chosen line of work without a meaningful purpose, other than to satisfy other's wishes. I believe some of us realize our dire career choices, because they lack vocation.

In the booklet “Let Your Life Speak”, Parker J. Palmer (2000) explained his despair involving teaching sociology at Georgetown to the community at PendleHill. Palmer did not feel the career path he decided upon was meant for him; Palmer stated “ Despite the American myth, I cannot be or do whatever I desire... There are some roles and relationships in which we thrive and others in which we wither and die.” (p.44)
I believe an individual's career path is one of the most important choices that individual will make in their entire life. The career paths we take effect the world. For example, if Albert Einstein did not become a theoretical physicist, the general theory of relativity may not exist today; if Einstein did not warn President Franklin D. Roosevelt of the potential development of bombs by other countries, the Manhattan Project may not have taken place- the project has acted as a chain reaction toward American military power; our country may not be as powerful as it is today without Albert Einstein. Einstein had a vocation to be a physicist, his brilliant theories made his life meaningful to the world and meaningful to him. Einstein's life would not of been as purposeful if he chose a career path as a local grocery clerk in Germany.

Unfortunately, many people: including myself, may have traveled down the wrong career path for quite some time; it is difficult to make a U-turn and direct ourselves back to the starting point of our career paths. An individual must swallow their pride and become courageous, to accomplish the brave task of admitting failure. Palmer needed to make a U-turn as well , that is why he stated “My soul needed to recover from the misfit...

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