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What Makes Zombies So Popluar? Essay

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There is no denying that zombies are popular they are popping up everywhere from movies to video games and more. But why, what lies behind this braindead form of entertainment. Many of us just carry about our lives and never truly ask ourselves what makes zombies popular, what do they stand for, what are they all about. Zombies are a metaphor, they are humans who have lost what gives us dominance over the animal world, our powerful brain. Throughout the zombie narratives the authors argued that zombies represent man who has lost motivation, to achieve and how the unmotivated form bandwagons that many weak minded jump onto.
Hudson suggests that zombies represent a bandwagon of the unmotivated, but it can be overcome. “Zombies stem from our similarity to the pitiable creatures deprived of its soul, forced to labor for the benefit of unknown masters…this state can be overcome with the individual agency and moral responsibility of the masses.”(Hudson 10) In this example Hudson makes the comparison between zombies and people who feel they are forced to labor. Zombies represent man who is unaware of his mental abilities. Zombies represent man who just works, but when asked why he just says he works because he has to. Zombies represent man with no ambition. Hudson also suggests that we only need to be responsible and see that in America we don’t just labor for an unknown master but rather we get to choose who we work for. By linking zombies to the people who just work away with no ambition Hudson is able to make a powerful pathetic appeal in order to inspire change in how we view our jobs, and economic system. The diction choice Hudson utilizes is very emotionally powerful here as we have deep emotional ties to words like “deprived of soul” and “forced to labor”. By making such a pathetic appeal Hudson really makes the audience feel his thoughts about zombies. Although many of lose sight at some point in our journey Hudson suggests that we just remember that we have a choice and not just jump on the bandwagon of self-proclaimed salves.
Hudson further illustrates the notion that zombies stand for man who has lost sight. “…zombies do not think. They lack reason. Zombies represent man deprived of the faculty of higher consciousness, the means by which he maintains dominance over the wild in order to survive and strive”(Hudson 13) Here Hudson comes out and says that zombies represent the animalistic version of man that just lives to feed and nothing more. By making such a bold comparison Hudson is able to start making his position on the issue. Humans are an anomaly in the animal kingdom, there is a reason why we have utter dominance over the rest of the species on the world. We logic, we reason, and we analyze. By being able to use our immense power in our brain we beat the system of rough and tough survival, where in our world starvation is not a driving force and where shelter is readily available. Zombies on the other hand have no...

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